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Stay Home Dads

More and more fathers are opting to be at-home dads for a variety of reasons. Find information and resources here for dads who become primary caregiver and spend their working and waking hours at home.
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Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can't Afford Vodka
A review of the book Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can't Afford Vodka by Ron Mattson, a story of a father who becomes a stepfather and then a stay-at-home father.

Making the Transition to Being a Stay at Home Dad
Once you have decided to take the plunge and become a stay at home dad, the actual transition can be challenging. Learn how to prepare for and make the transition from being in the workforce to becoming a successful stay at home dad.

Start a Successful Playgroup
Stay at home dads can really benefit from creating a playgroup with other stay at home dads in their home area. Your kids can branch out and make new friends, and you can have connections with other stay at home dads as well. Find out how to find an existing playgroup or start a new one

Making Chores Fun and Effective for Dads and Kids
Teaching kids responsibility often involves developing a list of chores for them to do at home. Here are some ideas from stay-at-home dads as to how they organize the chores and the kids to get the work done and help them learn to be accountable and responsible.

Stay at Home Dad Handbook
The Stay at Home Dad Handbook is a top pick for any father who wants to be better. It is also a great guide for the stay at home dad who is the primary caregiver for his children.

At Home Dads
The At Home Dads web site is a resource for stay at home dads offering articles, discussion forums, and helps for telecommuting dads.

Top Ten Success Tips for Stay at Home Dads
Are you a stay at home dad or are you thinking about becoming a stay at home dad? These tips from other stay at home dads who are doing well at home with the kids will help you manage the whole experience more successfully than you might otherwise.

Guide to Retirement Planning for Stay-at-Home Dads
Stay at home dads need to be involved in retirement planning for their family's security. Financial expert Casey Bond shares insights and tips to help stay at home fathers plan for their retirement years in this insightful article.

National At Home Dad Network
Learn more about the National At Home Dad Network and the services it provides for the growing number of stay at home dads in the United States and around the world.

Statistics on Stay at Home Dads
Learn about the statistics associated with stay at home dads and what the Pew Research Center tells us about the number and makeup of and attitudes toward stay at home fathers.

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