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Breaking Pornography Addictions


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Recently my wife had a call from one of her best friends who now lives about two hours away from us. She was heartbroken and grief stricken when her husband of 25 years left her and their two sons to move in with a lover he met in his workplace. She had known for some time that he had a problem with Internet pornography, but had no idea that it would degenerate to a point where he would have actually act out and have an affair, and eventually cost them their marriage and family relationships.

Had Jean (not her real name) studied the research on pornography addiction, she would have recognized the warning signs. My guess is that her husband, had he known and seen the warning signs in himself, would have stopped the downward spiral before it was too late.

As I look around me, and visit with marriage and family therapy professionals, it is clear to me that addiction to sex and pornography are having a huge negative impact on families and relationships. These resources and the information contained there can be of help to fathers in addressing their own sexual addiction issues or helping a child or a friend who might be struggling with pornography or other sexual addictions.

Am I Addicted to Pornography?
How can you tell if you or a loved one is addicted to pornography? These warning signs can help you identify if you are having a problem with pornography and assessing its impact if you are addicted.

The Consequences of Sex Addiction
Having an addiction to pornography or sex can bring some terrible consequences to a marriage, a family and to other relationships. Learn about these negative consequences of sex addiction and what to do about them in your life.

Understanding the Addictive Cycle
Sexual addiction seems to follow a fairly standard pattern that is common in most addictions. Learning about the addiction cycle can help anyone struggling with a pornography addiction become more aware of the patterns and triggers associated with this difficult addiction.

How to Break the Cycle of Pornography Addiction
If you are experiencing addictive behaviors relating to sex or pornography, you know it can be hard to change. Breaking the cycle of sex addiction is possible if you make it a priority and if you work the necessary steps to freedom.

Web Resources for Breaking Sexual Addiction
While the Internet is a major source of pornography that can fuel a sex addiction, the web also offers some helpful resources for breaking the addiction and returning to a life free from pornography and sexual addiction.

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