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Quick Exercises for Busy Dads


Like many dads, I really struggle finding time for fitness. But several months ago, I decided that my weight was too high and my energy levels too low, so I began finding ways to fit physical activity in my hectic lifestyle. I started with walking 30 minutes most noon hours, hitting the gym early mornings on my days off and when the weather is good, biking to and from work (about 4 miles each way). But when I travel or I have a meeting at lunch, it can be tough to make up the time later.

So I started trying to find some exercises I could do quickly and with minimal equipment so I could do them almost any time and almost anywhere. The following quick exercises have been a real addition to my workout efforts, and I can do them in ten minute blocks of time whenever I can find them.

When you begin any effort to increase your physical activity, it's important to visit with your personal doctor to make sure that you are planning a regimen that is strenuous enough to make a difference but not so heavy that it overwhelms you. Getting in for a regular physical exam is important for every father.

Mix and match these quick exercises in 10 minute segments and try to fit three segments in each day, for a total of 30 minutes. Or, if you are doing another fitness routine, fit these in when you can't commit the time to the regular plan.

Body Weight Squat
Reverse Lunge
Mountain Climbers

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