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Children's Books About Dads


Want to sit down and read a book with your son or daughter that will bring you closer together? Then check out this list of books about fathers that you can read with your kids.

1. Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Meyer

Just Me and My Dad
Little Critter and his father go on a camping trip together during which they fish, cook over a campfire, and tell scary stories. One of my very favorite books from my kids' early childhood.
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2. Daddy and Me by Karen Katz

Daddy and Me
If you are a home improvement kind of dad, this book will be a favorite. A little boy hangs out with his father as dad works on a special project. You then can lift the flaps to uncover the hidden tools that the father needs to complete his surprise project. I really enjoyed the time reading this book and lifting the flaps and hearing the kids identify tools they had seen me use at home.
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3. Daddy Hugs 1 2 3 by Karen Katz

Daddy Hugs 1 2 3
A dad and his toddler spend the day together in this counting book, enjoying lots of hugs. From kissing a boo-boo to playing hide-and-seek, this pair hugs the day away. For a dad like me who loves hugs from the kids and grandkids, this book is a must!
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4. Daddies Give You Horsey Rides by Abby Levine

Daddies Give Horsey Rides
Rhyming text describes the many and varied things that fathers do, like teaching you how to ride a bike, reading your favorite books over and over, and comforting you when you wake up from a scary dream. I love the variety in this book, and reading with the kids about the things that I do with them.
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5. The Daddy Book by Todd Parr

The Daddy Book
This book shows daddies at work, at home, and at play, in a variety of different contexts. A fun read that you and your kids will enjoy.
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6. Daddy Goes to Work by Jabari Asim

Daddy Goes to Work
A little girl goes with her father to his office where faxes beep, phones ring, and she gets to help with memos and presentations, in this delightful picture book. We have read this book before Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day and they enjoyed seeing things at the office that we read about.
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