1. Parenting

Handling Family Crises

What happens when a parent is ill or a pet dies or a parent loses a job? How can you help your children understand and deal with crisis and tragedy? These resources will help you address these kinds of important events in the life of your family.

Raising a Resilient Family
Is your family ready for tough times? Learn what parents, and especially fathers, can do to built a more resilient family so that when challenges come, your family will stay intact and bounce back.

Dealing with Grief at the Loss of a Spouse
How can a father who has lost a spouse to death successfully manage the grieving process and find peace and new opportunities in life.

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse
With recent revelations about child sexual abuse among some clergy, many fathers are seeking ways of protecting their children. Find answers to your questions about teaching your children how to be safe from sexual abuse.

When Mom Gets Sick
What does a dad do when his partner gets sick, has surgery or is out of commission for a while? Here is a game plan for dealing with supporting your kids’ mom when she is ill and managing the family at the same time.

When Do I Need a Family Counselor?
How does a family decide when to go to counseling? What problems are best served by family counseling or therapy? What questions should I ask a potential family therapist? Learn more about family therapy and what it can do for your family.

Talking to Children About Tragedy
Anytime there is a tragedy, whether it is due to terrorism, natural disaster, or other causes, children will look to their dads for insight and stability. Learn some techniques and attitudes to help you discuss tragedy with your children.

When Things Are Tough at Home
If parents have a relationship problem, it inevitably affects every other family relationship. Learn what to look for when your children are under stress and what to do to resolve the issues and be supportive of your children.

Resurrecting Anthony - A Book Review
A review of the book Resurrecting Anthony by Tony Cole and Linda Cole. Resurrecting Anthony is a story of hope in the face of tragedy and of commitment by parents to support and sustain their family.

Talking to Your Children About September 11
Anticipating the annual retrospectives on the September 11 attacks, fathers need to do some thinking and preparing to talk again with their children about terrorism, homeland security and personal safety.

How Fathers Can Help Their Children Deal with Bullies
Helping your children respond to school bullying in a positive way is an important role of a parent. The ten tools will help any father help his children understand bullying and react to it in a positive way.

Recognizing and Responding to Midlife Crisis
If you are wondering if the feelings you are experiencing are part of midlife crisis, you may well be right. Midlife crisis can impact a man and his family in very difficult ways. Find out if what you are going through is a midlife crisis and how best to respond and deal with the midlife transition.

When the Kids Get Sick
When you have those moments when the children have the flu or a horrible cold, it can be hard to know what to do. Learn what dads can do to make the whole childhood sickness experience better, more tolerable and a better experience of children and parents alike.

Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents - A Review
A review of the book Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents by Reid Wilson and Lynn Lyons. This book offers excellent advice on dealing with anxiety in children.

Practicing Forgiveness in Families
One of the most important practices we can embrace in our families is forgiveness. Forgiveness brings peace, healing and strength to any relationship while holding grudges and exacting punishment drive wedges. Learn how to ask for and offer forgiveness in a family setting.

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