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Gifts for Techno Geek Dads


Is your husband, father or boyfriend a certified techno geek? If so, he will love the gifts on this list that reflect his technology bias and show the world that he is proud to be a true geek.

1. WiFi Shirt

WiFi Shirt
Courtesy of ThinkGeek.com
Is your dad always looking for a strong WiFi signal for his laptop or PDA? This shirt has a built in WiFi detector and will even show the strength of the signal with bars on the shirt that illuminate. It is the ultimate geek gift for the WiFi-addicted father.

2. Magellan Roadmate

Magellan RoadMate 1440
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
The Magellan RoadMate 1440 device boasts a 4.3-inch color touch screen and an ultra-thin design. Preloaded maps and points of interest for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico make the RoadMate 1440 ideal for both business trips and vacations. No traveler should be without this GPS device.
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3. TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder

Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
The TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder, combines the intelligence of the TiVo service with the razor-sharp clarity of HD recording. Designed as a universal cable box to work with any cable provider, the TiVo HD box also offers network connectivity, delivering the best of broadcast and broadband TV, right to your living room.
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4. Binary Clock

Binary Clock
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
It's fun to watch the constantly changing patterns in this light display...but the best thing about this compact unit is that it's actually a clock! It uses binary code to show the time. After a few minutes practice, you'll be able to read the time by adding the values of the lit LEDs in each column. And your computer geek dad will love one in his office.
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5. USB Hub

Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
This USB Hub lets you connect up to seven devices quickly and easily. The Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub features two, top-loading downstream USB ports. Now you can enjoy fast access for temporary device connections such as USB thumb drives, media readers, and for USB lights, fans, and other accessories. If your dad has lots of USB gadgets, this hub is indispensable.
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6. Computer Tool Set

Computer Repair Tool Kit
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
If your dad is into computer repair, this tool kit is a great addition to his inventory. In one kit, there is almost everything a computer repair person would ever need. And it comes in a handsome, rugged carrying case for easy portability
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7. VHS to DVD Converter

VHS to DVD 4.0
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Does your dad have a ton of old VHS tapes of the family or of shows he recorded off the TV years ago? VHS to DVD 4.0 is the best choice for preserving your irreplaceable home videos. Use your existing TV/Video capture card/device to convert VHS tapes into DVD or VCD. Advanced scene editing tools allow you to record movies and easily trim out commercials or unwanted scenes. You can also add transition effects, titles, and chapters quickly and easily. And this software works not just with videos but can also record audio cassette tapes and LP records as well onto digital media.
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8. IXP Internet Messaging Clock

IXP Internet Messaging Clock
Courtesy of ThinkGeek.com
Everything is going IP these days, including time setting, weather forecasting and messaging. This unique LED clock has LEDs on a quick moving arm that creates the illusion of text floating in the air. While there are lots of clocks like this, the IXP version is unique because it has an Ethernet port and connects to the Internet. So, once the device is registered on a website, it can receive text messages via the Internet and displays them. An awesome gift for the Internet-enabled dad.

9. Gadget Hip Holster

Gadget Hip Holster
Courtesy of ThinkGeek.com
If your dad carries a bunch of portable electronic devices clipped to his belt or in a pocket, they can get pretty heavy and sometimes hard to access. This hip holster is worn across his hip and can hold the cellphone, PDA, thumb drive, headphones and more, and it is very comfortable for any dad to wear.

10. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Dad can show off his favorite images (family, beach, fishing hole or whatever) in this classic wooden frame with a widescreen 7" LCD screen. In addition, he can set the photos to music with MP3 audio playback. A full-size USB port and multiple memory card slots allow for quick and easy viewing. Integrated speakers, a calendar, and alarm clock functions are also included.
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