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Gift Guides for the Shopping Father


Not too many dads I know think shopping for gifts is a high priority. Often, we are the ones running around the day before Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day or another holiday trying to find a last minute gift. These gift guides, compiled by the About.com Parenting Channel Guides, will help you with your gift buying and giving chores.

1. Active Toys for the Whole Family

Make active toys a part of your family's holiday gift-giving this year. These picks include classic and new games, toys low-tech and high, and gear for outdoors and inside. They appeal to preschoolers, pre-teens, and parents alike.

2. Active Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This list from About.com's Family Fitness guide offers 12 active toys for toddlers and preschoolers for holiday gifts. These toys encourage physical activity and movement for small children and many can be used indoors or outdoors.

3. Baby Gift Guide

Looking for gifts for a baby or toddler? Look no further! Here are About.com's Baby Products Guide Heather Corley's list of the best toys and gifts for babies and toddlers, from the hottest trends to classic toys.

4. Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Teen Parenting Guide Denise Witmer offers some great ideas to get your brain moving toward a gift for your teenagers. For teen boys and girls and from expensive to frugal, this list will help you narrow the range of ideas for your teen and find just the right present.

5. Christmas Coupon Book for a Teenage Daughter

Coupons for personal services for your teenage daughter are great gifts that are both inexpensive and fun. Giving your children your time and attention, and doing things with them that they love to do, shows you care more than almost anything else you could try. So take a look at these coupons and print them out, put them together in a booklet and stuff it in your teenage girl's stocking.

6. Christmas Coupons for Dads to Give to Teenage Boys

Want an inexpensive but personal gift for your teenage son for Christmas? Then a coupon book printed from the Fatherhood site at About.com would be a great idea. Print colorful coupons for personal service for your teenage son.

7. Tween Gifts That Rock

Buying for the preteen in your life can sometimes be the toughest assignment. Tween Parenting guide Jennifer O'Donnell suggests some popular gifts for this hard-to-buy-for age group.

8. Gifts for College Kids and 20somethings

About.com's Jackie Burrell offers some great ideas for gifts for college students and young adults without breaking the bank. In a range from $30 to $150, this lift offers some pretty creative solutions including electronic gadgets, DVD's, and more.

9. Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers, Coaches and Parent Volunteers

If you have to come up with a gift for your child's teacher, soccer coach or other important adult, then About.com's Amanda Rock has some great ideas. More than a shopping list, this gift guide will address the needs and wants of the adults in your child's life.

10. Gifts for Her

If you are looking for a gift for your partner or significant other, Kori Ellis of the About.com Accessories Site has a very helpful list. Women's accessories are way out of my league generally, so I really appreciated this list as I looked for a gift for my wife recently.
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