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A Father's Guide to the Disney Princesses


Girls all over the world are obsessed with one or more of the Disney Princesses.  Whichever one she chooses, if her dad wants to be a great friend to his little girl, he had better know the essential information about each Princess and what role he can play when his daughter is in a Princess mood.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Courtesy of DisneyPrincess.com (c) Disney

Ariel is the rebellious little Mermaid from The Little Mermaid.  Longing to be out of the water and up on land, she trades her extraordinary singing voice to the Sea Witch for a chance to be human.  Learn more about Ariel and be able to better relate to your Princess when she ie playing the role of Ariel.

Princess Belle

Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast
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Not really a princess in the traditional sense, she grows up in a French village with her father Maurice reading books and dreaming of adventure.  She encounters the Beast and sees beyond his tortured and violent exterior into his heart and falls in love.  The Beast is really a prince who was transformed into a beast because of his selfishness and must find true love to break the spell.   Learn more about Belle and how your daughter can best learn from Belle's personality and character.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine - Disney Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
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Jasmine is the princess in the movie Aladdin and is daughter of the Sultan.  Aladdin is a street urchin who finds a lamp and releases a genie (voiced brilliantly by Robin Williams in the Disney flick).  His wish is to become a prince and he meets and falls in love with Jasmine.  Aladdin and Jasmine must defeat the wicked Jafar to claim the kingdom and live happily ever after.  FInd out more about Jasmine and what your daughter will love about her spirit and story.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty - A Disney Princess
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Better known in her kingdom as Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty is cursed by the evil Maleficent as a child that she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday.  She goes into exile in the forest and is raised by three fairies disguised as humans to protect her.  She meets Prince Phllip, to whom she has been unknowingly betrothed, gathering berries in the forest.  She does in fact prick her finger, but can be awakened by love's first kiss.  A sweet story with danger and heroics and lots of magic.  Learn more about Aurora and why your daughter will want to pretend that she is Sleeping Beauty.


Pocahontas the Disney Princess
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The American story of Pocahontas was adapted into a film by DIsney, but is not very true to the history.  Nevertheless, the Indian princess Pocahontas meets and falls in love with John Smith, an English explorer.  She protects her people from war with the outsiders and is willing to create a relationship across cultural boundaries.  Find out what your daughter will love about Pocahontas and how you can best engage with her when she is an Indian princess in her imagination.


Snow White

Snow White - Disney Princess Snow White
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Snow White is one the first Disney Princesses.  She is the fairest maiden in all the land, and the wicked queen, jealous of her beauty, sends a woodsman with her into the forest to kill her.  The soft-hearted woodsman cannot do the deed, but leaves her lost in the forest.  She finds the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and sets up housekeeping for them.  She meets her handsome prince and then the queen discovers her secret life and kills her with a poison apple.  Only the prince's kiss can restore her to life.  Read all about Snow White and find out how to best interact with your daughter when she is channeling Snow White.


Mulan - The Disney Princess Mulan
Courtesy of DisneyPrincess.com, Copyright Disney

While Mulan is not a princess in the traditional sense, she has been so established by Disney.  Mulan is a young woman in Imperial China who does not fit your typical Chinese female mode of her era.  When an army is being formed to fight the Huns, one soldier is drafted from every family.  Rather than see her aged father go to battle, Mulan disguises as a young man named Ping and enlists in the army.  The movie follows her adventures fighting the Huns, saving the Empire, and falling in love with her captain, Shang.  Girls love Mulan because of her courage and her sacrifice for her family and her ancestors.


Tiana- The Disney Princess from The Princess and the Frog
Courtesy of DisneyPrincess.com; copyright Disney

Tiana is also less the traditional Disney princess.  She grows up the daughter of a chef, and has a lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant in New Orleans.  She encounters a frog, who claims to be a prince, and when she kisses him, she turns into a frog as well.  Both frogs take off on an adventure to find Mama Odie, who has the needed magic to turn them back into humans.  Tiana is the first Afircan-American Disney princess, and girls all over the world have come to see her as their favorite princess.

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