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Christmas Holiday Resources for Dads and Kids

Find ideas for the Christmas holidays celebrations whether or not you are of a Christian faith. Learn about Christmas legends and traditions, find ideas for Christmas parties, and find help for managing multiple faith families' holiday celebrations.

Christmas Movies for Fathers and Families
There is nothing quite as fun as Christmas time with the kids. Watching Christmas movies is a fun tradition for fathers and children, and these are sure to fit the bill.

What Dads Can Do to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season
The holiday season can be hectic and full of demands on a family, and without making quality time together, it can become a negative experience. Here are some tips for dads and families to help make the holidays a little more peaceful.

How Do You Manage the Holiday Demands?
What techniques do you use with your family to manage the stress of the holidays and to find peace during the holiday season?

Favorite Christmas Recipes for Fathers and Kids
These recipes are easy to make and to have turn out well. And they are quick in preparing and cooking. You and your kids will enjoy spending a little time together in the kitchen over the holidays with a tasty outcome.

Confetti Cookies
These cookies are easy to make, and the kids like crushing up and snacking on the Fruit Loops cereal. They are very colorful and fun to serve at a party or to give away to friends and neighbors at the holidays.

Chocolate Chip Squares
A tasty treat for Christmas or other special events, chocolate chip squares are easy to make for dads and kids working together in the kitchen.

Microwaved Peanut Brittle
Another easy recipe for fathers and kids to make, this time for the Christmas holiday season. Peanut brittle is a traditional holiday candy and can be served at a party or packaged for neighbors and friends.

Top Outdoor Christmas Decorations for any Dad's Home
Christmas is my very favorite holiday of the year with children. We have a house at the end of a cul-de-sac with a large front yard, so we have a long tradition of a big outdoor display. Not garish (at least I don't think so, but fun nonetheless. This is a list of some of the better outdoor decorations for the Christmas holiday.

Top 7 Gifts for the Do It Yourself Dad
Check out the top rated gifts for the do-it-yourself father--the amateur or professional handyman. Books, tools, magazines, software and more for your best loved do-it-yourselfer.

Christmas Coupon Book for a Teenage Daughter
Coupons for personal services for your teenage daughter are great gifts that are both inexpensive and fun. Giving your children your time and attention, and doing things with them that they love to do, shows you care more than almost anything else you could try. So take a look at these coupons and print them out, put them together in a booklet and stuff it in your teenage girl's stocking …

Christmas Coupons for Dads to Give to Teenage Boys
Want an inexpensive but personal gift for your teenage son for Christmas? Then a coupon book printed from the Fatherhood site at About.com would be a great idea. Print colorful coupons for personal service for your teenage son.

Ten Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Season: Helping Kids Relax
Kids get pretty anxious over the holidays. It’s a time of excitement and wonder, and they often have a hard time relaxing, staying calm and sleeping well. Here are some tips to help your kids stay relaxed and on a healthy sleep schedule.

Great Christmas Traditions for Dads and Their Families
Some of the most fun family traditions are built around the holidays. Find out what other families are doing for Christmas family traditions, and consider including some of them in your family traditions.

Handling the Holidays as a Non-Custodial Dad
The holidays can be a tough time for a non-custodial father. Even if you have the children for all of part of the holidays, nothing is the same as it was when the family was intact. How should a non-custodial dad prepare for the holidays, with and without his kids?

Top Gifts for the Gadget-Hungry Dad
Looking for the hottest gifts for a dad who loves gadgets? This gift guide offers the latest gadgets in all price ranges for this year's gift giving season for fathers.

Giving the Gift of Yourself to Your Dad at Christmas
What every dad wants most for Christmas is more time with his family. Here are some time tested ways to give dad what he really wants–more of you!

Top Ten Creative Gifts for Dads
Ever wondered what to buy for dear old dad for Christmas? Then look no further than About Fatherhood's creative gift guide. Here you will find creative and clever gifts that are truly out of the ordinary.

Mixed Blessings: Celebrating The Holidays in an Interfaith Family
What happens when two religious traditions square off in an interfaith home? Whether the mom and dad are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or of different groups within a faith, or whether the holiday is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Ramadan, there are many challenges to interfaith holiday traditions. Find out how families successfully balance the holidays in interfaith families.

Mind Your Manners
Is the behavior of your children in social settings embarrassing to you? Find out the best ways to teach them the whys and hows of well mannered and respectful behavior.

Invasion of the Houseguests
Many families will be entertaining houseguests this holiday season. What are the best ways to prepare your children for the visit of relatives or guests for an evening, a week or longer?

Here Comes Santa Claus
Want to do some fun holiday crafts with your kids? Need some creative ideas? Look no further than the About Family Craft site's resources for Christmas craft ideas!

Most Creative Christmas Gift for a Father
What is the best Christmas gift you have ever given your dad? Or Dad, what is the most creative gift you have ever received?

Celebrating More Than One Holiday
Many interfaith families choose to celebrate both of their family's important holidays rather than just choosing one cultural or religion holiday. Learn how to effectively celebrate both holidays in an interfaith family.

Balancing Extended Families During the Holidays
One of the struggles interfaith families face during the holidays - whatever choices they make - is balancing the needs and interest of their extended families with different faith practices. What should interfaith couples do to keep their new traditions strong in the face of possible challenge from in-laws and others in the extended family?

Choosing Which Holiday to Celebrate
Many interfaith families decide to celebrate only one holiday during the holiday season rather than more than one. How should an interfaith family choose the holiday to celebrate and how should you make the choice in a positive way?

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