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Readers' Choice Awards for 2012


The winners are now in for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards! Our readers nominated and then voted for their favorite television father, favorite father blogger and the fatherhood organization they think is most influential. Winners will receive recognition here on About.com and can use a web badge to acknowledge their award.

The Most Influential Fatherhood Organization - All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad
Our readers overwhelming chose AllProDad.com as the fatherhood organization that they thought was the most influential in their lives or in the fatherhood movement.

AllProDad.com is a one-stop resource where dads can find encouragement, ideas, information and videos. The site contains hundreds of articles and top 10 lists to help dads engage their children in fun and creative ways. Dads can also connect with one another through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.

AllPro Dads uses a sports metaphor to help dads understand their roles and connect with their children. They have 53 NFL spokesmen led by former NFL Coach Tony Dungy. They also have local chapters in 46 states to provide personal networking opportunities and support for fathers in their own communities.

Readers' Choice Award for Favorite Father Blog - Dads Who Change Diapers

Dads Who Change Diapers Blog
The winner by a landslide was the blog Dads Who Change Diapers.

The Dads Who Change Diapers blog had an interesting start. Scotty, who hosts the blog, had gone out to eat with his wife and infant child and volunteered to change the little guy's diaper. He went into the men's room and found that there was no changing station. He complained to the manager that he was going to start a website to help dads find restaurants and other public places that had changing stations in men's rooms. So was the birth of the Dads Who Change Diapers blog! It has now become much more as he reviews other parenting blogs, posts his own comments, thoughts, pictures and videos, and comments on current news and events involving parents.

Favorite Television Father - Cliff Huxtable

The Cosby Show Cast
Courtesy of TV Land
Our perennial favorite, Bill Cosby at Cliff Huxtable, closely edged out Modern Family's Phil Dunphy for this year's award. Many seasons of the Cosby Show has made Dr. Huxtable a fan favorite.

Frequently on the top television fathers of all time lists, Heathcliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show from the mid to late 1980's. Bill Cosby played obstetrician Dr. Huxtable, married to an attorney and raising an upper middle class family. We all watched the children grow up over the multiple seasons of The Costy Show and enjoyed Cliff's quick wit, colorful sweaters and his strong, "tough love" role as the patriarch of the Huxtable clan.

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