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Talking to Your Kids About Sex


I will never forget the time my oldest son who was about age 5 stopped me on my way out the door to work and asked me, "Where do babies come from?" I tried to explain I was late for work and that we could talk about it later, but his curiosity was pretty high. Fortunately, his mom came to my rescue and started the discussion as I left for work. But later that day when I got home, the three of us sat down together and answered his questions.

Talking about sex with your kids can strike fear in any father's life. But having those talks with your children is an important part of fathering, and of communicating your attitudes and value to them.

So how do you start the process and what should you do to prepare, whether your inquisitive child is seven or seventeen?

General Guidelines for Talking About Sex with Your Children
For any age and any level of discussion, there are a few helpful concepts to include in your talk about sex.

Talking to Preschool Children About Sex
Even during the preschool years, children may have some basic questions. And it is time even at this young age to start talking about the values associated with close, loving relationships.

Talking to Young Children About Sex
Ages 4-8 are when the questions usually start coming. What is appropriate to say at this stage, and what is not?

Talking to Pre-Teens About Sex
The tween years are when the questions get a little more clinical, but while addressing those issues, tweens also need to hear more about the values and morals associated with sex and sexual activity.

Coping with Teen Sexuality Issues
It is often in the teenage years when hormones begin to run wild and children need the most frank and honest discussions about sex and sexuality.

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