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Weekend Breakfast Ideas for Dads and Kids


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As I was growing up, it was tradition in our home for dad to make Saturday morning breakfast. His Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes topped with warm maple syrup were almost always the major menu item. In our family, and many others, dad has continued this tradition. It doesn't happen every weekend at our house, but it is certainly more often than not.

So if you want to start this tradition at home, here are some ideas for menus, recipes and fun traditions connected to a weekend breakfast with dad.

Traditional Weekend Breakfast

In our family, the Saturday morning breakfast typically starts with waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon, along with milk and juices. Granted, it's not a very healthy approach to Saturday breakfast, but eating the goodies in moderation can help. Also, if you cook the bacon in a microwave oven on a ridged plate, you lose most of the grease and still have tasty bacon. If you have a cholesterol concern, scrambled eggs made with EggBeaters or another egg substitute can cut that cholesterol in half at least.

The creatively shaped pancakes can also be fun. You can pour batter onto the griddle in Mickey Mouse shapes or you can make pancakes look like donuts, trees, gingerbread boys and lots of zoo animals. You can also put an initial inside a pancake by pouring batter in the shape of the initial (backwards so it is frontwards when you're done) and than about 45 seconds later pouring batter in and around the initial.

International Breakfasts

Early in my life, I lived in France for two years and learned about the delicacy called crepes. Crepes are a great breakfast meal because they are so versatile. They can be served with powdered sugar, jam, or fruit and whipped cream. They can also be stuffed with eggs, cheese and sausage and baked. Other international favorites include breakfast burritos, breakfast quiches, omelettes, and fruit salads.

Dutch Oven

Out here in the western United States, I have learned to love to cook in a dutch oven. While dutch ovens are best known for cobbler, beans and potatoes, there are some great dutch oven breakfast recipes. Whether you are cooking dutch oven on the patio or over a campfire out in the woods, there is nothing quite like one of these dutch oven breakfasts.

Getting the kids up early to cook a favorite breakfast on a weekend morning can be a great way to make some memories and enjoy time together. Don't neglect the chance to get into the kitchen, strap on the aprons and get cooking!

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