1. Parenting
Are You Ready for Fatherhood?

Find Out How Prepared You Are to Be a Father

As men near the stage of life where families and children become important, there can be lots of angst over whether now is the time to start a family. Take this quiz and find out how ready you are emotionally to take on the challenge of fatherhood.

1. Do you currently enjoy spending time with children?
Yes, I really enjoy it.

Yes, I enjoy it sometimes.
I can take it or leave it.
No, I do not enjoy children.

2. What do you think about the responsibilities and commitment of fatherhood?
I am ready to be totally committed to my offspring for life.
I am really nervous about making a commitment; but I think I should make it.
I am a responsible person, but I'm not sure about parenthood.
I don't want to be saddled with children; I have my own life to live.

3. How do you cope with stress?
I curl up on the floor in a fetal position when I feel stressed.
I keep my cool on the outside, but I am tied up in knots inside.
I try to look objectively at my situation and come up with a rational way of dealing with it.
Stress? People have that?

4. How much like your own parents do you want to be?
They were model parents; I want to be just like them.
They were good parents, but there are some things I want to do differently.
They were terrible parents; I would do just about everything differently than they did with me.
My parents were absolutely a non-entity in my life.

5. How do you feel about children, their behavior and your role in helping them develop acceptable behavior patterns?
Children are like clay and should be molded by their parents into productive members of society.
Children are basically resistant to authority and need to be disciplined into compliant behavior.
Children are free spirits, and can make their own way with little involvement from the parents.
Each child is an individual; modifying their behavior is an effort that must be tailored to their makeup and personality.

6. As you look at other families around you, you most envy the families who…
Have more than two children and enjoy spending time with them
Have one or two children and enjoy spending time with them
Have no children at home and have busy careers and active lives
Have children who are cared for mostly by non-parental caregivers

7. How is your parenting support system in your own home?
I have a partner who would be a great parent.
I have a partner who wants to become a parent but isn't ready.
I have a partner who is reluctant to become a parent.
I do not have a partner and plan to be a single father.

8. How is your parenting support system beyond your immediate home?
Great-I have extended family and friends who will support me and are available to help
Good-I have extended family and friends who will support me.
OK-I have extended family and friends who will support me, but are not close by.
Poor-it will just be my and my partner, or I will be a single dad.

9. How important are your free time and hobbies when compared with fatherhood?
I am not ready to give up my hobbies and leisure time pursuits; I can be a father and still keep them.
Parenting is all about compromising; I understand I will have to give up some of my free time for a child.
I am ready to fit a child in my life; I just want to be able to take a break now and again.
I am ready to give up whatever is necessary for a child.

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