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Readers Respond: What Gift Was the Best Ever?

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People are always looking for creative Christmas gifts for their fathers. What is the most creative Christmas gift you have ever given your dad? Or Dad, what is the most creative Christmas gift you have ever received? Share Your Idea


these were by far the worst gifts i have ever seen in my life!
—Guest asdfghjkl;


I love miniature things. My dad's birthday is tomorrow. He's turning 54, so yeah he's an old dad. I think he is going a little cuckoo but he loves model miniatures so I'm gonna build him a miniature sandbox. If he doesn't like, I'm sure that my gerbil will!
—Guest Surfer dude

Gifts that keep giving & can be shared

Consumables are good, so the closet doesn't overflow with the well-meant but useless stuff. Subscriptions are good, because they last longer. And wine is good because, well, wine tastes good, is good for you (in moderation), and can be shared. http://www.goldmedalwineclub.com -- if any of you kids are reading this! (Surprise me with any one of their series, but I do really love pinot noir...)

Coupon Cake

A really good gift I thought of was a coupon cake. You get a tin that has that see through plastic at the top and put in those fake candles decorate it and fill it with coupons! Or make a homemade gift!
—Guest kittty cat



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What Gift Was the Best Ever?

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