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By neuroticdad

Neurotic Dad

ça c'est mon blog

Name of Your Blog

Neurotic Dad

What do you cover on your blog?

I write about me, mostly: the things that amuse me and frighten me and give me hope. I also write about my baby, of course, who is scrumptious, except when he is shrieking at 4am.

How did you start your blog?

In a bourbon-soaked rage. Kidding! I just spent about a minute in tumblr.

A new father spends virtually all of his time on the baby and his partner. I wanted a way to force myself to spend a little time on me. I really just wanted to use it as a kind of journal, as a way of ranting and remembering. Then I picked up some followers.

I hope to make it entertaining. And I hope to reach dads (and moms) like me -- parents suffused with anxiety and love.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't tell anybody, just do it.
  • Write what you feel, not what you think you are supposed to feel.
  • Blog only in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep.
  • Always attend to the baby before the blog.

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