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Top 10 Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
Looking for the perfect wedding dance song for the bride and her dad? Then explore this list of favorite father-daughter wedding dance songs.
3 Sample Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches
These successful wedding speeches for the father of the bride can either be used as is or give ideas for crafting your own father of the bride speech.
Surprise Your Daughter for Valentine's Day
Looking for some fun activities with your daughters near Valentine's Day? This list will give you some great ideas for memory making activities.
What Parents Need to Know About SnapChat
SnapChat is a new app for the iPhone and Android which has become very popular among tweens, teens and young adults. It offers the ability to send photos from one member to another with a time limit on the life of the photo. Learn what parents need to know about SnapChat.
Sample Wedding Toasts for the Father of the Bride
If your daughter is getting married, you will likely have an opportunity to make a speech or offer a toast as the father of the bride. Here are some memorable outlines for wedding toasts for the father of the bride as you send your daughter off into the adventure of marriage.
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Men on Valentine's Day
Here are the top ten things to avoid doing on Valentine's Day to help our significant others know we care about them.
Not Married to Your Child's Mother? 3 Things...
Learn the essentials about being an unwed father and know how to protect yourself and take full responsibility for the child.
10 Ways to Strengthen Your Father-Son...
Many fathers and sons struggle to stay close during the growing up years. These ideas will help develop a strong father-son relationship.
Everything You Need to Know About Paternity...
Everything you need to know about paternity testing. What kinds of tests are there? Where I do get a paternity test? How much will it cost?
10 Bad Fathering Habits Dads Need to Break
Fathers can have good habits and bad habits, but the bad habits need to go. Learn the 10 bad fathering habits that dads need to break.
Everything A Dad Needs to Know About Child...
Learn more about how child support works, your obligations as a non-custodial father and how to make it all work for you and your children.
10 Country Songs for a Dad and Daughter Wedding...
Some of the best father-daughter wedding dance songs are in the country music genre. Check out this list of country songs that you and your daughter will love at her wedding reception.
10 Things Men Can Do To Make Their Wives Feel...
Making time for a little romance seems to be getting harder and harder. Learn what a husband can do to make his wife feel special and help her know that she is loved.
Top Ten Mad Dad Skills
What skills does a man need to become a world class father? This list of ten mad skills for dads can help any man become the dad he was meant to be.
Father of the Bride? What You Need to Know to...
Find out what experienced fathers of the bride did to make their role in the wedding important and the experience positive for dad, mom and daughter.
Ways to Fnd Online Work for Stay At Home Dads
These ideas can help stay-at-home dads sort through the online opportunities to be able to make some extra money from home.
10 Great Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding...
Looking for a traditional or popular wedding song for a bride and her father to dance to? This list includes wedding songs from pop artists and popular singers over the last several years.
Dad's Hospital Bag
Getting ready for the trip to the hospital to deliver a baby? Every expectant mom needs a hospital bag with all the key supplies for labor and delivery. But dads who are there and involved need their own hospital bag as well with his essentials. This checklist will help any expectant father have the perfect hospital bag for all his needs while mom is in the labor and delivery process.
How Are Children Affected By Divorce?
Children are the innocent victims of parents who divorce. Recognize why children whose parents divorce are at risk emotionally, learn and watch for the danger signs, and find ways to help them and you cope with the effects of divorce on children.
10 Great Homemade Valentine Cards for Dads
Check out these homemade card ideas from experts at About.com that will help you create a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day card for Dad.
25 Questions That Will Help Build Intimacy in a...
Do you find yourself feeling distant from your marriage partner? Consider asking questions that can help you build a more intimate relationship.
What Dads Should Expect in the Last Month of...
What a dad needs to know about helping his partner make it through her final month of pregnancy and how to make it through the anxiety himself
Top 7 Keys for Success as a Divorced Dad
Being a successful divorced dad--that is maintaining a good relationship with the children despite being divorced from their mother--is an extra burden for dads to bear. What can you do to have a greater probability of success in this situation?
The Troubling Statistics on Fatherless Children...
The epidemic of fatherlessness in the United States has had serious consequences for children. Statistics from recent research bears out the need for fathers to return home.
6 Helpful Tax Tips for Divorced Dads
Filing your income tax return for the first time as a divorced dad? Find out what you need to know about your federal income taxes if you are paying alimony, child support and more in support of your ex wife and children.
7 Family Calendars to Keep You Organized
More and more families are using technology to manage their busy lives. These online family calendars offer a range of organizing tools from simple calendars to more full-featured organizers. Find out which systems are right for your family.
Quick and Easy Dinners for Busy Dads
These recipes offer meals that take only a few minutes to prepare and taste great.
Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive
Teaching your teen to drive can be a daunting task. But if you prepare well, the process can be successful. Learn how to be a good driver education dad.
7 Ways for Dads to Strengthen Their Relationshi...
While many fathers and their daughters have a close personal relationship, others do not. If you are having a bit of a hard time getting close to your daughter, or if you want to improve an already good connection, learn more about having a good father-daughter relationship.
10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Shouldn't...
Disciplining children to change their behavior is an important role for fathers. But often we find ourselves reverting back to the less effective ways our parents might have used with us. Being aware of and avoiding these child discipline mistakes will help fathers take a more productive approach to discipline that really will change behavior.
How to Break a Pornography Addiction
In talking to marriage and family therapists, it appears that pornography and sexual addiction problems are breaking up more marriages than almost anything else, other than financial issues. Find out if you or someone you love is addicted to porn and learn what to do to break the addiction and restore your relationships.
When is Father's Day This Year in My Country?
When is Father's Day for this year and in the future in any given country?
5 Tips for Effectively Grounding Your Teens
Learn about grounding as a disciplinary technique--what works and what doesn't and when grounding is an effective strategy for fathers and teens.
Best Valentine Gifts for Dads
Looking for a creative gift idea for your father (or your children's father) for Valentine's Day? Here are some great ideas that will make Dad smile.
Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Daughter...
Want to build a stronger and more open relationship with your daughter? Then ask her these ten questions from time to time to stay in touch, have a positive influence and make your father daughter relationship better.
How Divorced Dads Can Best Handle a Daughter's...
There are not many more challenging moments for a divorced dad than when his daughter gets married. Find out how to prepare for and handle the events of your daughter's wedding and still help her have a great experience.
Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Fathers and...
These craft ideas from About.com guides are pretty simple but make great Valentine's Day gifts for a dad and his children to share.
How to Speak Your Child's Love Language
Every child has or her own way of receiving love. Find out which love language your child speaks and how to communicate love to him or her.
5 Best Baby Carriers for Fathers
Baby carriers are not the exclusive domain of mothers. Find the best baby carriers for fathers with the right sizes and design.
How to Dance the Waltz
Whether at a daughter's coming out party or at her wedding, there will be opportunities for fathers and daughters to dance together in formal and informal settings. If you need to learn the waltz for such an event, this step by step process will help you master the basic step and not be embarrassed as a dancing dad.
What and When to Tell the Kids About Your...
So, it has been a while since the divorce and you are anxious for some female companionship. Dating is more difficult after a divorce than when you were single the last time. How should dad go about finding women and dating after a divorce? And what do you say to the kids and when?
How to Teach Your Young Man How to Shave
Seeing a bit of peach fuzz on your teenage son? Then it is time to teach him how to shave. Learn the principles and techniques you need to know to teach your teenager how to shave safely and cleanly.
10 Funny Jokes and Stories For Fathers
We should all take opportunities to laugh about ourselves from time to time. Check out a few of these jokes and stories compiled from others about fathers and the funny lives we sometimes live as dads.
Statistics on Children of Divorce in America
Divorce impacts children in many ways. These statistics about children of divorce in America are troubling; fathers have a lot of work to do to protect their children from divorce by keeping marriages strong, or by trying to improve their children's chances for success by parenting in a responsible way.
Raising Your Daughter as a Single Dad
Single fathers often find that raising their daughters is life’s greatest challenge. Find some tips and advice from dads who have been there about successfully raising a daughter as a single dad.
What Dads Need to Know About Labor
A big part of an expectant father's role is to help his partner through the labor process. Experienced dads share insights into what a first time dad needs to know.
5 Greatest Rolling Backpacks
Experts extol the virtue of rolling backpacks for children. Are you trying to find a good rolling backpack for your child? These rolling backpacks look great, work well and will protect the kids' backs as they head off to school.
Making a Father Child Reunion with an Estranged...
If you have been estranged from your father for whatever reason and want to reconnect, there are some steps you need to take to make the first meeting work for you and for your dad and to give it the best chance for success.
How Men Can Deal with Miscarriage
A miscarriage can be a physical and an emotional blow for an expectant couple. Learn more about miscarriage, how to be supportive to your partner and how to deal with your own feelings of loss.
How long does child support last?
What fathers need to know about the duration of child support orders.
Child Custody Information for Fathers
Information and resources for fathers related to child custody. Learn about joint custody, dealing with custody issues, working with your family law attorney and more about dealing with child custody issues.
Dance Steps for Father Daughter Wedding Dances
Many wedding songs work well for the father-daughter wedding dance, but you need to know the dance steps before you can dance at the wedding without being embarrassed. Find quick instructions for dances like the waltz, the fox trot, the quick step and more.
Twenty Questions to Ask Your Dad
If you want to get to know your father better, these twenty questions can help start and keep a conversation going about your father, his life and his views.
Father of the Bride -- The Reception and After
Finally, the wedding is over and now it is time for the reception and the honeymoon. What things can a father do to make this time special and of minimal stress for the new bride and the family?
7 Tips for Fathers to Raise Responsible Sons
Find out how fathers and sons can interact in ways that helps fathers in raising responsible sons.
10 Ways Dad Can Have Fun with the Kids on V-Day
While Valentine's Day is often a holiday which seems more oriented to romance, a dad can really have fun with his kids demonstrating his love for them and helping them celebrate the day with those they love.
Should You Stay Together for the Kids?
With the rising number of divorces, it seems more and more parents are deciding to divorce when a marriage seems over rather than staying together for the kids as more couples used to do. Should you stay together for the kids' sake or should you divorce? How do you know which choice to make?
Are You Ready for Fatherhood?
Want to find out if you are ready to make the fatherhood commitment? Take our quiz and examine your preparation, attitudes and readiness to be a great dad.
8 Steps to Choosing a Sport for Your Child
Choosing a sport for your child is important, but finding the right sport will help a child be successful. Learn the things to think about in choosing a sport for your child that will be fun for him or her and will help them learn the life skills that sports can offer.
Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Fathers and...
Valentine's Day can be a fun holiday for fathers who want to spend time with their children. Taking your child on a date for Valentine's Day is a great way to spend time together and to build positive memories.
How a Divorced Dad Can Find Women to Date
So, if you have decided to jump back into dating as a divorced dad, just how do get into the dating scene again and go about finding women to date?
Podcasts That Dads Will Love and Listen To
Podcasts are a great way to learn while listening, and these ten podcasts written and produced by and for dads will help any dad become better.
The Top Ten Fears of Dads to Be and How to...
Dads-to-be often find themselves with lots of fears and anxieties about fatherhood. Check out the top ten fears or anxieties for dads-to-be and learn how to deal with them effectively.
How to Hear What Your Child Doesn't Say
Active listening is a skill that will help any parent communicate better with his or her children. Learn how to be a better active listener.
How is the amount of child support determined?
How the courts determine the appropriate amount of child support payments is based on several factors.
How to Avoid Divorce and Strengthen Your Marriage
Avoiding divorce by strengthening marriage is a worthwhile effort to help your children live in a loving family. Here are some tips for marriage for men hoping to save their marriage, avoid divorce and keep their family together.
Adjusting To Life As a Newly Single Father
Due to a divorce or death of your partner, do you now find yourself as a single father? There are few transitions in life that are harder for a man. Find some ideas about successfully making the transition to single fatherhood.
Top 10 Toys To Help Your Toddler Learn to Think
Check out these toys that dads will enjoy as they play with their toddlers and that the kids will love and that will help them develop cognitively..
5 Ways to Make Joint Custody Work
With an ever increasing legal trend toward joint custody or mutual custody, fathers need to know what it takes to make joint custody a good solution.
When Do You Have to Pay Child Support?
The obligation to support a child is not conditioned by marriage. If you are a parent, you have responsibility to financially support your offspring.
10 Life Benefits of Being a Dad
Fatherhood has a tendency to change men for the better. Find out what the research says about the ways that fatherhood benefits a man in all aspects of his life.
How to Know When You Are Ready for Fatherhood
It is a question most men ask themselves over and over. How will I know when I am ready to be a father? Find out what you should think about and the questions you should answer to know when you are ready for fatherhood.
Ten Creative Activities for Dads and Teens
Wondering what to do to build a better relationship with your teen? These ideas for activities from dads of teenagers will help any father make the time and create the activity that can create connections and good memories between fathers and teens and strengthen relationships
Preparing for a Reunion With Your Estranged...
If you have been separated from your father for a long time, whether by his choice or yours, there may come a time when you want to reunite. Learn how you should prepare to reconnect with your estranged father.
Pornography Addiction - Understanding the...
Sexual addiction seems to follow a fairly standard pattern that is common in most addictions. Learning about the addiction cycle can help anyone struggling with a pornography addiction become more aware of the patterns and triggers associated with this difficult addiction.
When Your Ex Remarries
One of the hardest moments for a divorced man is when his ex-spouse remarries. Learn what you can do to prepare for her remarriage and how you and your kids will cope when your ex remarries.
How to Find Ideas for Your Son's Eagle Scot...
These ideas will help in selecting an Eagle Scout project that will demonstrate leadership and offer service to the community.
Stephen Covey on Work-Life Balance
Fathers trying to better balance their work and life can learn a lot from Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix.
Teaching Our Sons to Respect Women
One of the greatest gifts a father can give his son is to teach him to respect women, including the boy's mother and sisters. Learn the best ways that fathers can teach their sons to respect women.
4 Keys to Setting Limits for Your Child's...
Learn more about the keys to effectively setting limits and boundaries for your children's behavior.
How the Father of the Bride Can Prepare for the...
The day a daughter marries can be pretty traumatic for a father. Emotionally, financially and physically, the experience can be overwhelming. Find out what experienced fathers of the bride did to make their role in the wedding celebration important and the experience positive for dad, mom and daughter.
6 Keys to Rebuilding a Marriage Relationship...
Extramarital affairs more often than not destroy a marriage, whether or not a divorce follows. Get advice and direction on rebuilding a marriage.
Dads: 10 Ways to Stay Close to Your Daughter As...
Here are some time-tested ideas for dads to stay connected to their daughters as they grow through childhood and the teenage years.
6 Keys to Breaking a Pornography Addiction
Breaking the cycle of sex addiction is possible if you make it a priority and if you work the necessary steps to freedom.
9 Strategies for Expressing Anger Appropriately
Here are some effective ways to think about anger and to learn to express it in ways which help children rather than harm them.
Top Ten Power Principles for Successful Fathers
Every successful father bases his fathering on basic principles. These ten power principles for fathers will help any dad be better and develop improved relationships with his children.
When Do I Need a Family Counselor?
How does a family decide when to go to counseling? What questions should I ask a potential family therapist? Learn more about family therapy.
How to Help Your Scout Earn Merit Badges
Learn what you can do to help your Boy Scout son find out about merit badges, work on the requirements and earn them.
6 Keys For Talking to Kids About a Loved One...
Talking to children about death can be difficult. Learn the basic principles for helping our children deal with the loss of a loved one.
8 Things Dad Should Do about Sexting
It seems to be all over the news. Tweens and teens are using their cell phones to send sexually explicit text messages and nude photos to their friends. Find out what you need to know about this sexting phenomenon and what you can do about it to protect your kids from sexting and its implications.
4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Memory
Memorizing, while sometimes a challenge to both children and adults, is a necessary skill to enhance learning and retention. From poetry to multiplication tables, children who can memorize are miles ahead of those that never learn how. Here are some ideas and tips that will help you teach your children the skills needed to effectively memorize.
What is an Ex Parte Order?
Most often, ex parte orders are done in cases of domestic violence or child abuse and generally in an emergency situation.
Why Not to Get Behind on Your Child Support
There are big consequences for missing child support payments. Find out about them and what to do if you get behind on your child support.
Seven Keys for Men to Growing Intimacy in...
Marriages are happy and more fulfilling when there is a high level of emotional intimacy. Grow the level of emotional intimacy in your marriage with these seven keys.
Ten Tips for Fathers in Surviving the Divorce...
For any father contemplating divorce, the decision is fraught with emotion and fear. These ten tips to remember if you decide to proceed will help drive a more positive outcome to a very negative process.
When Your Child Gets a New Stepfather
When your kids' mom remarries, it can be pretty disconcerting to a father. What should a dad do when there is a new stepfather in his children's life?
8 Ways Parents Can Teach Responsibility
This article addresses teaching children about respect - what it is and how it is best taught by a father to his children.
How Do I Know When I Am Ready to Remarry?
When a dad is divorced or widowed, it can be tough to start a new relationship and watch it mature. When these dads get to the point of deciding about remarrying, the facts and the emotions can be confusing. Check out these key questions you need to answer before you decided to remarry.
The Problems With Hostile Aggressive Parenting
What is Hostile Aggressive Parenting? How is it different than Parental Alienation? What do fathers need to know about Hostile Aggressive Parenting?
Why Divorced Dads Shouldn't Move Away
The evidence is clear and convincing: having both divorced parents close by is critical for children to survive a family breakup.
Setting Appropriately High Expectations for...
Successful fathers offer the same advice, whether they're talking about helping students with homework, teaching them how to succeed or getting them to stop rebelling.
Child Discipline 101 - Using Natural Consequences
One of the most effective approaches to disciplining children is to help them understand the natural consequences of their actions. Teaching with natural consequences helps children learn about how things work in the real world and helps fathers make a difference in how their children behave.
Making Valentines Day Sweet for Your Sweetheart
Ideas for dads and other men for improving the quality of your Valentines day effort this year. Find ways to show your partner how special she is to you. Listen to her, pamper her, and make memories.
How to Write a Love Note to Your Child
Writing love notes to our children is becoming a lost art. Learn how to write a love note to your child that will create a lasting memory and will become a special keepsake.
Self-Care for Men Going Through Divorce
Divorced men often find themselves in a world that crumbles around them. Taking good care of themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually can help them through the transition and help them be better men and fathers than if they chose the path of least resistance. Learn how to take the steps needed for self-care after divorce.
Creating Your Family Reunion Budget, Activities...
Now that you have the basic outline of the family reunion in place, you need to create a budget for the family reunion, an activity plan and a way to recruit volunteers. Learn how to calculate the budget, come up with great activities and assign volunteers to help with the family reunion.
"My Father is in Jail" - Supporting Children of...
Families of incarcerated fathers have particularly overwhelming challenges. Learn about children of incarcerated fathers and how they can best be supported.
How does a custody decision in a divorce affect...
Information about how divorce affects child support
How to Be A Successful Scout Leader
You can learn to be a successful scout leader by following a few simple guidelines. Read what successful scout leaders do for success in scouting.
Dutch Oven Cooking Basics
I love my dutch ovens and cooking dutch oven meals and desserts for my family. Find out how to cook with and clean a dutch oven.
Balancing The Parenting Styles of Fathers and...
Both fathers and mothers are important for children, but they tend to use different parenting styles. Learn how fathers and mothers tend to parent differently, and how to best mesh the parenting styles of fathers and mothers to help children become successful.
How Dads Can Best Manage Stress at Home
Stress can be a father's worst enemy at home. Consider these ideas and thoughts about stress and how to make home and family time less stressful.
Apps that No Kid’s Phone Should Have
There are dangers lurking online, and our kids can be vulnerable. Check your child’s phone to see if any of these dangerous apps for kids are there, and then have a talk and take action.
Tips for Dealing with Child Support Enforcement...
Are you dealing with a child support enforcement agency in your state or locality? Whether you pay your child support on time or are behind, what you know and how you deal with the child support enforcement authorities is important. Learn what will help you in your efforts to work with child support enforcement agencies.
4 Kinds of Family Scavenger Hunts You Can Have
Few family activities are more memorable than a great family scavenger hunt. Find out how to plan and carry our a family scavenger hunt and enjoy time together.
Top 10 Ways to Balance Life and Work
Committed fathers love spending time with their children, but with today's pressures of work and other priorities, work life balance can be difficult for fathers. Here are some important resources for fathers to help make work life balance work for them and their families.
What to Do When the Baby Cries
New dads can feel a little out of their league when the baby cries. But dads need to know why babies cry and what they should and should not do.
How to Blow Up a Balloon with Lemon Juice and...
A fun science experiment involves blowing up a balloon using a bottle, lemon juice and baking soda. It shows what happens when an acid and a base are mixed.
A Formula for Helping Kids Make Good Decisions
These insights and practical approaches for helping children ask the right questions will help them learn to make good decisions.
Dealing with Grief at the Loss of a Spouse
How can a father who has lost a spouse to death successfully manage the grieving process and find peace and new opportunities in life.
7 Things Dad Needs to Know about Wedding Budgets
So your daughter or son is getting married, and you have the responsibility to plan for and pay the bills. Find out what you should know about wedding planning and budgeting so you can make wise decisions and draw the appropriate limits around spending for the wedding.
7 Activity Ideas for Fathers and Sons
Fun activities which both dads and sons can enjoy can help strengthen that relationship. These activity ideas will help father and son become closer.
Recognizing and Responding to Midlife Crisis
If you are wondering if the feelings you are experiencing are part of midlife crisis, you may well be right. Midlife crisis can impact a man and his family in very difficult ways. Find out if what you are going through is a midlife crisis and how best to respond and deal with the midlife transition.
Keys to Better Communication at Home
Family communication is a challenge for every father. Learn bow to master the art of family communication and make sure that we communicate effectively with our family members and loved ones.
Fathers' Rights Organizations
A list of information about fathers' rights groups and organizations that advocate for fathers' rights, joint custody and shared parenting.
Top Ten Facebook Pages for Fathers
As I communicate with fathers all over the world about parentoing, being a dad and working with family
6 Keys for Working With a Kid Who Won't Listen
Consider these ideas for encouraging your children to listen to you and not just blow off your important communication.
What Makes a Dad?
A Father's Day Poem - What Makes a Dad?
Establishing and Maintaining Trust in Family...
One of the most essential characteristics of a healthy family relationship is mutual trust. Learn why trust in a family relationship is important and how to establish, maintain and repair trust with a spouse or a child.
Key Facts About Child Support in America
Learn about the number of children and families receiving child support and how much child support is received by custodial families.
8 Keys to Getting Along with the In-Laws
You should develop a good relationship with your in-laws. Learn how to build good in-law relationships that make them feel like your second parents.
Top Ten April Fools Day Pranks for Fathers
Looking for a fun and relatively harmless prank to play on your kids for April Fools' Day? Then check out this list of April Fools' Day pranks that fathers have used for years. They are a lot of fun but don't demean or embarrass the kids.
The Clean Router - A Safer Internet Experience...
Clean Router is a wireless router that filters internet access for all device that connect to it. Check out this review and subscribe.
9 Keys for Dads in Handling a Daughter's First...
It can be traumatic for a father when his daughter first has a boyfriend. Learn what to do when your daughter lets you know she has a boyfriend.
Top Ten Baby Items Every Father Needs
It seems that every baby brings with it a ton of stuff. Accessories, furniture and more seem to come into every home with a new baby. What items will serve a new father and baby best?
Planning Successful Family Reunions
If you find yourself in a situation where you are the head honcho of this year's family reunion, don't despair. Think of the family reunion planning task as running a marathon.
10 Ways to Reconnect as an Absent Father
If you have been an absent father and now want back into your child’s life, these ten things for an absent father to do will help you reconnect with your child.
Behavior Contracts
Entering into a behavior contract with your child is an effective tools for discipline. Learn about behavior contracts and how to use them in helping your children learn to be disciplined and self-governing and for making your job as a father easier.
Top 10 Answers to New Dads' Questions
Are you about to become a new dad? There is probably nothing more intimidating in life than finding out that your partner is expecting. Here are the most important things you need to know as you embark on this adventure known as fatherhood.
8 Tips for Managing Tantrums
Many fathers get frustrated when their children have temper tantrums. Learn why tantrums happen with toddlers and how fathers can effectively react to tantrums.
Top Ten Gifts for Your Favorite History Buff
From books and ties to DVDs and games, this list has something to please every history-loving dad who appreciates the events that shape the world.
How to Make Your Home Fun for Teens
What can parents do to make their home fun for teenagers and a place where your teens and their friends want to hang out?
How to Fnd Common Interests With Your Son
One good way to build a relationship with your son is to develop common interests. Learn how to find areas of common interests and to build on those to improve your relationship as a father with your son.
Top Ten Cookbooks for Fathers
Looking for a cookbook for your father? Check out these top recommended cookbooks, for gourmet or kitchen-challenged.
What It Takes to Be a Super Cubmaster
So, you have accepted an opportunity to be the Cubmaster of your local Cub Scout Pack. Learn what it takes to be a great Cubmaster.
Practicing Forgiveness in Families
One of the most important practices we can embrace in our families is forgiveness. Forgiveness brings peace, healing and strength to any relationship while holding grudges and exacting punishment drive wedges. Learn how to ask for and offer forgiveness in a family setting.
10 Ideas for Spending Quality Time with Your...
Here are some great, and sometimes creative, ways to get together with your kids to spend quality time in a positive way.
Five Things a Father Should Tell His Daughter...
Before they start dating, daughters need dating advice from their fathers. Learn the five things that fathers should tell their daughters about dating - important dating advice for teenage girls from their dads.
You Are Ready for Fatherhood!
Based on your answers to the quiz, you are ready to tackle the challenge of fatherhood. Congratulations!
Becoming a Great Dad When You Didn't Have a Dad
Becoming a father when you grew up without a father can be a challenge, and particularly when you want to be a great dad and had no good male role models. Get some tips on how to become a great dad even if you were raised without a father in your life

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