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Simplifying Your Life


Recently, a friend told me about his and his wife's desire to streamline and simplify their lives. They had been very active in the community and both had jobs serving in the non-profit sector. But they concluded that their lives were too busy and they were not achieving what was truly important to them. So they undertook a simplification effort. They resigned from some boards and committees on which they were serving. His wife went from full-time plus to a part-time status. They decluttered their home and donated excess clothes and more to local charities. They changed their phone number and email addresses to be a little less available. And they planted a butterfly garden in the backyard and started taking time to be together more and with others less.

Well, their approach is not necessarily one I recommend, but it has worked well for them. The important part was that they tried to find ways to invite less confusion and stress into their lives and they focused on living their own personal values. And in the ongoing effort to better balance work, life and family, the Ruiz family made significant strides.

If, after taking a look at your schedule, your home and your life, you find something lacking, consider undergoing your own simplification effort. Following are a number of guidelines and ideas to ponder if you are taking steps to simplify.

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