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What a Father Needs to Know About Life Coaching


Don't confuse a personal coach with a personal trainer! Personal coaches CAN help with your fitness, but they are really all about helping you gain and maintain focus, balance and effectiveness in your busy life. Like the coaches that so impacted our lives in our younger years, personal coaches can help advise, teach skills, demand accountability and help you reach your maximum potential.

Personal and Life Coaching
At various times in our lives, we could all use a mentor or coach. Learn more about the profession of personal and life coaching and how having a personal or life coach might benefit your life.

Do I Need a Life Coach?
Many fathers find a need at some time in their lives for a life coach. But how does a man know he should be looking for a life coach? How can he make the experience with a life coach best for him and for his family?

Choosing a Life or Personal Coach
Once you have decided to use a life coach, you need to find the right one. Learn how to find a life coach, how to select one, how much to plan to pay, and how best to interact with your coach.

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