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Some of the hardest balancing dads do is coordinating work life, home life and personal life. Find information about achieving and maintaining work-life balance.
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Six Steps to Better Work-Life Balance
It can be tough to find that elusive balance between work and other aspects of your life. Learn what fathers can do to improve their work-life balance and to make more time for the things that are really important.

Simplifying Your Life
Recently, a friend and his wife undertook a major project to simplify their lives. And they are happier as a result. If you are feeling a need to simplify your life and better align your activities with your values, now is the time to start. Find ways to undertake a simplification project and tips for making it successful.

Saying No to the Unimportant
One of the greatest challenges a dad faces is learning to say yes to the truly important things in life and to say no to the demands which are of lesser priority. Learn now to set priorities and boundaries with your time and attention.

SuperDads: Managing Expectations of Modern Fathers
Statistics, studies and your own gut feel tell you that family should come first. But what happens when a dad lets other things take priority? And how can you keep family first and still balance the other competing demands in your life.

Top Ten Signs that Your Work-Life Balance is Out of Balance
If you find yourself tired, disorganized and overwhelmed, your work-life balance may be out of balance. Learn the warning signs of work-life imbalance and get some tips for bringing your work and life back into balance and harmony.

Work Life Balance Statistics
Feeling stress about not being able to find work life balance? You are not alone. Check out these statistics that show the prevalence of work life balance concerns and the toll that being out of balance takes on employees and employers.

Work-Life Balance Tips from Successful CEO's and Fathers
If you ever wondered how busy CEO dads achieve work life balance, these five top executives with busy lives and families share their thoughts and advice.

Staying Healthy On The Road
If your position sends you traveling, it can be hard to maintain a consistent exercise and eating program. Seasoned business travelers share advice for staying healthy while away on business.

Book Review – Getting to 50/50 – How Working Parents Can Have it All

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