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Values and Spirituality

Fathers with a strong orientation to their values and spirituality often desire to pass on these important facets of life to their children. Find information here about ways to communicate and instill values in the lives and hearts of your children.
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How Fathers Can Teach Their Children Values
Transmitting the lasting values of life to our children is one of a father's most important roles. Learn how to share your values with your children and help them learn what is important in life.

Walking the Talk
We have all experienced men who suggest that we "do as I say and not as I do.' That philosophy may work well in some settings, but never in a family. Fathers need to have integrity, and need to walk the talk with their partners and children.

Teaching Children About Patriotism
While some parents think patriotism is outmoded or no longer relevant, experience suggests it is important to share the value of patriotism with your children. Learn what you can do to teach your children about patriotism.

Teaching Children to be Grateful
Children have a well deserved reputation for selfishness and self-centeredness. How can a father take the initiative and create an environment where children can learn the social art and attitude of gratitude.

Fathers and Sex Education
How fathers feel about sex education in the schools. The results of a national survey conducted by Zogby International for the Coalition for Adolescent Sexual Health show that fathers strongly support a values based and abstinence based program for teaching their children about sex.

Helping Children Learn to Work
One important role of fathers is teaching their children the value of work and responsibility. What do children learn from work and how does an effective dad get the message across?

Pacing: The Key to Comfortable Living and Working for Fathers
At the end of a long week, do you have enough energy to do more than run the remote? Explore these tips for managing the pace of your work and life, and find more than exhaustion on Friday night.

Teaching Your Children to Be Honest
Honesty is an important virtue that is needed in a family, and yet there are precious few good examples of honesty in our children's lives and experiences. Learn how a father can teach his children to be honest in an ever more dishonest society.

Ten Tips for Teaching Children About Giving
Living in a world with a material focus can lead children to be selfish and spoiled. Learn how dads can teach their children to be giving and charitable and to feel the blessings of charity and giving.

Why and How to Encourage Your Kids’ Creativity
Creativity is an essential element to building curiosity, helping children learn and making life interesting. Find out how to bless a child’s life by encouraging his or her creativity.

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