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The Top Ten Do's and Don'ts for Men on Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day Do's


1. Send a gift to work. If your partner is employed, delivering or sending a Valentine's Day gift to work is a welcome idea. It will show her in front of her peers that she is loved and remembered on Valentine's Day.

2. Make a homemade Valentine. Cards from the store are nice, but your partner will really know you love her if you take the time to make your own Valentine card. Get out the scissors, red construction paper, white paper doilies and glue and get started. Your own little verse would add just the right touch. Taking time to do something out of the ordinary is romantic.

3. Cook for her. Once again, doing something out of the routine is an important way to show you care. Breakfast in bed, or cooking a romantic dinner for two can be fun for you and let her know you were willing to go the extra mile.

4. Remember romance. Valentine's Day for your partner is all about romance. That means taking the time to do the little extras like dressing up for your dinner out, leaving little love notes around, or being on time for your commitments. While guys aren't often good at romance, it is important to her. Try to see yourself as she sees you and then deliver beyond her expectation.

5. Turn off the electronics. While we live in a fast paced time with cell phones or personal digital assistants running our lives, Valentine's Day is not a time for interruptions. Turn off the phone, the Palm or Blackberry, and focus your attention on your significant other.

6. Write her a love letter. This is not an email, a text message or a card, but a real love letter. In your own handwriting, tell her what she really means to you. Tell her why you would choose her all over again if you had to. Remind her why you are thrilled that she is your kids' mom. She'll keep that letter as a cherished part of her life.

7. Watch a chick flick. Sure, you'd rather be watching the latest 007 film or WWF Smackdown, but she'll appreciate you sitting through a romantic movie. Consider The Lake House, While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle if you are looking for one that you both might enjoy.

8. Offer her a massage. Many Valentine's Day experts recommend a day spa gift certificate as a great gift option for your sweetheart, but I think a personal massage is a wonderful alternative. Giving your woman a good foot massage or a solid back rub can really make her relax and feel good. Learn some massage techniques, pick up some massage oil and work out those stiff muscles.

9. Consider spreading gifts throughout the day. Rather than one big gift, you should try giving her a number of smaller gifts during the day. Maybe one gift at breakfast, leave one on the front seat of her car or in her medicine chest in the bathroom, one at work, and then another one on the front seat of her car before she leaves work. Going the extra mile to remember her during the day will pay big dividends in how she reacts the rest of the day.

10. Just relax. While I know these ideas sound like a lot of work, it is important to not overdo it. Don't try to cram too much into the day or into the evening. A leisurely pace is an important component of making Valentine's Day great for your woman.


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