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Top Ten Facebook Pages for Fathers


As I communicate with fathers all over the world about parentoing, being a dad and working with family issues, I have found some amazing Facebook pages b y and for dads that can help any mana be a better father.  While I know first hand how addictive Facebook can be, it is an important tool for tech savvy fathers.  So check out these pages and see what you thin.  You can even suggest other great Facebook pages for fathers at the bottom of the page.

1. Man of the House

Man of the House at Facebook

I have been a big fan of Man of the House, whether at their website or their Facebook page.  The articles are always timely and well written, and cover all aspects of a man's life from health to career to family. 

2. All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad on Facebook

All Pro Dad is an organization founded by former NFL Coach Tony Dungy and is a site dedicated to speaking out about the importance of fatherhood in the lives of families and children.  The Facebook page offers links to upcoming events, articles, advice and more for fathers.

3. Savvy Daddy

Savvy Daddy at Facebook

Savvy Daddy is one of the most "liked" of the fatherhood pages on Facebook, and for good reason.  With lots of interactivity and opportunities to share fathering experiences, it is a great place to explore for any father.

4. PBS Parents

PBS Parents on Facebook

PBS Parents, while not specifically directed at fathers, has a ton of helpful information on parenting, and helps connect dads to ideas and resources available through PBS.  It is one of the pages I go to often to catch up on parenting issues of interest to fathers.

5. National Fatherhood Initiative

National Fatherhood Initiative on Facebook

The National Fatherhood Initiative is a national effort in the US to strengthen families and fathers.  Their Facebook page offers links to tons of material of help to fathers and has links to news articles about fathers around the country. 

6. Single Dad Laughing

Single Dad Laughing on Facebook

Sometimes you run across a Facebook page that is just so human it makes you smile.  Single Dad Laughing is one of the best known fathering blogs and the Facebook page keeps the same sense of hunor about life and single parenting.   Whether he writes about vacations, parenting in general, or the foibles of single fathering, any dad is guaranteed to have a fun moment or two at Single Dad Laughing.

7. Dad Labs

Dad Labs on Facebook

Dad Labs has an amazing website as well.  Dad Labs is the name of a television show in which a group of dads help point other fathers in the right direction.  The page offers a weekly list of top parenting articles and more helps for dads of all ages.

8. Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventures in Fatherhood on Facebook

Jeff Allanach is a columnist for The Gazette in Maryland and writes about family and fatherhood issues.  His columns are very real and very readable, and I enjoy them a lot.  His Facebook page offers personal insights from the everyday life of a great dad!

9. Daddy's Home

Daddy's Home on Facebook

Daddy's Home is the Facebook page for the National At-Home-Dad Network.  This page has lots of resources for Stay-at-Home Dads including information about and from their national conventions, links to good articles for fathers and more!

10. Playground Dad

Playground Dad on Facebook

Playground Dad is one my favorite fatherhood websites, particularly because they focus on making time for play with the kids by being more efficient with time elsewhere.  And they love gadgets that help with personal productivity.  They have a ton of great resources for dads of all types and interests.


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