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Top Ten Android Apps for Fathers


With the recent explosion of the number of Android system based smartphones and tablets, the applications than can run on these devices have multiplied quickly as well. These ten applications will be appreciated by any dad who wants to be better, smarter and more committed to his role as a father in his family

1. Life 360

Life 360 Android App
If you register at life360.com you can connect all of your family’s cell phones to your account and then use this app to locate your family members, understand risks that are nearby their location and find resources like hospitals, fire stations and more. Your family members can also press a “panic button” which will send an email or text message to others showing your GPS location. There is also a one touch feature which lets your family members know that you are safe. This is an amazing resource for a family in case of a natural disaster or other emergency.

2. Cozi Family Organizer App

Cozi Android App
I have shared information about Cozi before, but for those who aren’t familiar, Cozi is an online group calendar for a family or other team that also includes a shared shopping list, to do list and family journal. I’m not sure how a busy and connected family survives today without a resource like Cozi. If you have a Cozi account, this app allows you to access all the calendar, shopping, to do lists and journal on your Android device.

3. PageOnce Pro Money and Bills

PageOnce Android App
This Android app helps you organize your money, bills, and accounts in one application. PageOnce works with most banks and creditors to deliver electronic statements, monitor transactions during the month, track investments, keep up on your frequent flyer accounts, and operate and maintain your family budget. This is a great app for the busy dad who wants to automate a lot of his financial information and processes.

4. Nest Egg Estimator

Nest Egg Estimator Android App
This app projects your finances into the future showing income, expenses and the results of saving and investing. It is an excellent tool for family financial planning, retirement planning and saving for college. You can create different scenarios and then modify your assumptions to see how a little extra savings or a little larger investment return will change your bottom line. This is a great tool for any dad concerned about his family’s financial future.

5. iStory Books

iStory Books Android App
These iStory Books available for Android devices will help you share stories and entertain your children. You can choose from fairy tales, animal stories and a variety of educational books to let you use your Android device to have some quality time with the kids (or to keep them busy when you need a few minutes to get something done).

6. Landscape and Garden Calculators

Landscape Calculators Android App
For all you dads who love to work in the garden with the kids, this is a great app. Using these calculators, you can estimate the number of pavers, quantity of materials, plant spacing, fertilizer quantities, fence pole spacing and more. Ever wondered how many cubic feet of soil you need for a garden box? Wonder no more.

7. New Dad – Pregnancy for Dads

New Dad Android App
A pregnancy app just for dads – what a novel idea! You can use this app to track baby’s growth, learn what to expect in terms of body changes for your wife’s body and there is even a widget with tips to help you keep her happy and more comfortable with each stage of pregnancy.

8. Sports Tap

Sports Tap Android App
If you are looking for one simple Android app to track all of your favorite sports scores, this would be it. Golf, racing, soccer and all the major league sports come together on this simple app. You can also set alerts to update the scores for your favorite teams. And not only scores are available on Sports Tap, but you can also see box scores, schedules, stats and in depth analysis on the teams and the games. A real time saver for dads who want to know about the world of sports.

9. Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock Android App
This is a great app for keeping a fussy child entertained. This app locks your Android device and displays colorful shapes, patterns and colors. You have to enter touches in a predetermined pattern to unlock the phone so you don’t have to worry about your toddler making calls, answering the phone or otherwise wreaking havoc on your device. And the moving shapes and colors will keep the little one engaged for quite a while.

10. Web MD

WebMD Android App
There are times in the life of every dad when something is going wrong with his child’s body – or his own. The Web MD app for Android devices will help any father find medical information from the well-known and well respected Web MD website. You can enter symptoms and take a look at the maladies that relate to the specific symptoms. There is even a pill identification tool for when you find an unknown pill or tablet on the floor before your baby does.

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