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Stepfathers face significant challenges as they move into a situation where they are often unwanted and unappreciated. It takes special skills and attitudes to be a successful stepfather. This page contains resources for stepfathers and fathers in blended families.
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  2. Second Marriages (4)

Books to Help Stepfathers Be Successful
Hoping to find out more about success as a stepfather? This list of books, reviewed by your fatherhood guide, are essential for a stepdad's library.

Stepfathering Your Teen
Becoming a stepfather is a daunting task, made even more complex when the children of your new partner are teenagers. Find out from other stepfathers and family counselors the keys to building a good stepparenting relationship with your teenagers.

Kids Need CARE: Validating and Affirming our Children
Professor James Van Horn at Penn State University recommends a conscious effort to affirm and validate family members using the CARE Strategy. Learn how consideration, appreciation, respect and empathy help in a family.

Hope for Stepfathers
Presenting a somewhat different way of looking at the role, the author suggests that a stepfather is "more like a mentor than a father." The stepfather is a helper, giving children perspective and becoming "an important source of strength as they grow and mature."

Tips for Stepfathers
Six experience based suggestions for new stepfathers who want to build positive relationships with their family.

Steps to Stepfathering Success
Stepfathering can be a daunting role for any dad. Learn what experienced stepfathers and other experts suggest for making a successful stepfather.

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