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Resources for Single Fathers


Are you the single dad, custodial parent for your children? Whether you find yourself in this situation due to divorce, death or other painful experience, you can find tips and helps to making your role as a single dad more meaningful for your children.
  1. Divorced Fathers
  2. Finding Time for Yourself
  3. Dating and Relationships
  4. Getting Organized

Divorced Fathers

Dads who are divorced from their children's moms have a tough job. Keeping in touch from a distance or managing relationships with the children when you are not in the home is a major challenge. Check this page for resources to help divorced dads be the best dads possible under the circumstances.

Finding Time for Yourself

Single dads can have a really difficult time keeping all the demands of life in balance. Find ways to make time to keep yourself together while taking care of the kids, the house and more.

Dating and Relationships

As a single dad, how and when do you start dating? How should you manage a new relationship in the context of your single parenting role. Learn more about dating and developing relationships as a single father.

Getting Organized

Keeping the house, car, yard and more together while being a single dad can be a particular challenge. Using a little creativity and learning from the experience of other single fathers can help you keep it all in balance.

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