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The Complete Single Father

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The Complete Single Father
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Authors Elaine Fantle Shimberg and Michael Shimberg have written the definitive guide for success for a single father. Whether the dad is divorced, widowed or never married, The Complete Single Father is filled with great ideas, meaningful insights and very practical approaches to the challenges of single fathers.

THE Book for Single Fathers

The Complete Single Father is one of the very best books I have seen on making the challenges of life for single fathers a little easier. Authors Elaine Fantle Shimberg and Michael Shimberg have distilled a great deal of information into an easy to find, easy to read format that will intrigue and, more importantly, serve well any single father.

Beginning with chapters on reassuring children after the family break up, communications, affection and discipline, the book continues on looking at the unique challenges associated with raising girls and boys. These chapters I thought were especially helpful in coming to grips with the different approaches needed for parenting each gender of child.

The next part of the book looks at helping a single dad balance all the demands on his life. From making a house or apartment a home and organizing and cooking to time management and medical skills, these chapters are life savers for a single dad. Some of the best life management advice I have ever seen in print is right here. And the recipes in the cooking section are easy and inexpensive, and the end product will please your kids at the dinner table.

The next section of the book, called "Getting Your Life Back," deals with issues less about parenting and more about other relationships. Figuring out how to deal with people who were friends with both you and your ex, dealing with extended family, budgeting and finance and handling stress are all dealt with here. And again, the advice and tips for these difficult parts of post divorce life are right on point.

Finally, the book deals with the relationship between you and your ex. Effective communications, dealing with money, handling differences in parenting styles and avoiding being manipulated by the children are some of the topics covered.

It is hard for me to imagine a more comprehensive approach to managing life as a single dad. The Complete Single Father touches all aspects of a single dad's life and offers solid advice, encouragement, practical steps and hope for making it through a major life challenge. This book is a must-have for every single dad's library, nightstand and briefcase.

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