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How to Adjust to Life as a Single Father


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Is there a more challenging transition for a man than to become a new single dad with children at home? If there is, I can't imagine it. Whether you lose your spouse and the mother of your kids to death or because of a divorce and/or abandonment, adjusting to the new reality of things is a major and life changing task.

Most newly single dads I know struggle to know where to start. What should be first on my list, and how do I even begin tor get my arms around the rest? Having talked to a number of single dads who have successfully negotiated this transition with their children, let me offer the following recommendations.

Helping Kids Through Your Transition to Single Fatherhood
As adults, we have at least learned some coping mechanisms in our life to deal with change. Often, our children are totally unprepared for having a single dad as their primary caregiver. So as you help your children adjust, consider these suggestions.

How to Take Care of You as a New Single Father
Finding yourself a newly single dad can seem pretty overwhelming. There just seem to be a lot more things to balance now to keep the family organized and moving, and perhaps a lot less time for you. Check out some ideas from experienced single dads about taking care of you.

Organizing Tips for the Single Dad
One of the biggest challenges newly single dads tell me about is the need to establish new routines when the other adult at home is not there any more.

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