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Are you the single dad, custodial parent for your children? Whether you find yourself in this situation due to divorce, death or other painful experience, you can find tips and helps to making your role as a single dad more meaningful for your children
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Favorite Brown Bag School Lunches
Many fathers and families are looking for ways to economize and still provide a nutritious lunch for their children at school. Here are some great and healthy lunches that can be packed in advance for brown bag school lunches.

Quick and Easy Dinners for Busy Dads
Fathers who have to run fast to get through every day both need and appreciate recipes that make dinner preparations quick and easy. These recipes offer meals that take only a few minutes to prepare and taste great.

The Complete Single Father
Authors Elaine Fantle Shimberg and Michael Shimberg have written the definitive guide for success for a single father. Whether the dad is divorced, widowed or never married, the Complete Single Father is filled with great ideas, meaningful insights and very practical approaches to the challenges of single fathers.

Grocery Shop Quickly and In Your Budget
Many dads are not good grocery shoppers. But if you take some time to plan and organize and think a little ahead, grocery shopping can be a much better experience.

How to Adjust to Life as a Single Father
Due to a divorce or death of your partner, do you now find yourself as a single father? There are few transitions in life that are harder for a man. Find some ideas about successfully making the transition to single fatherhood.

Organize the Single Dad's Kitchen
When one becomes a single dad and sets up house, organizing the home is often outside a dad's experience. Getting your kitchen ready for production can be a particular challenge. Here are the keys for organizing the kitchen.

Taming the Cooking Monster
The worst thing about mealtime for a single dad is that it rolls around so often—three times every day. Here are some ideas to help single fathers handle organizing and managing meals and shopping with a little less effort.

Top Gifts for A Single Dad
Whether its Fathers Day, Christmas or a birthday, it can be really tough finding a great gift for the single dad in your life. Here are some creative gift ideas that were mentioned by single dads when asked, What would be a great gift that would recognize your special role as a single father?

Raising Your Daughter as a Single Dad
Single fathers often find that raising their daughters is life’s greatest challenge. Find some tips and advice from dads who have been there about successfully raising a daughter as a single dad.

Mister Moms
A great site for single dads offering lots of advice, articles, and other resources on issues such as parenting, children, custody, visitation and divorce.

New Single Father Suggestions
This article from a newly single father offers hope and specific suggestions to single dads just starting this difficult transition. Things as pratical as organizing housework, handling clothing issues, and finding ways to meet the kids' emotional needs are addressed.

Responsible Single Fathers
Responsible Single Fathers works with families, extended families, and entire communities to help fathers adjust to their new role in an effort to benefit the children, both parents, and others affected by this significant change in the make-up of their family.

Adapting to Life as a Widowed Father
Losing a wife to death is a big enough challenge, but moving into the role of a widowed father can be almost overwhelming. Learn how widowed fathers cope, adjust to life as a single dad, and help their children through the transition of losing their mom and becoming a one-parent family.

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