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Share Your Favorite Fatherhood Stories


Have a favorite memory with your family? Survived a difficult time and want to share your advice with other dads? How about your story as "father of the bride?" If you have something you want to share with other fathers, you can post it here at About.com Fatherhood.

The links here are for posting your stories, photos and advice to other dads. Just click on the topic and share what you have with fathers around the world. The posts are moderated and may be edited, but if you enter an email address, you will be notified when the story is posted.

Your Father-Daughter Wedding Story
Whether you are a father or a daughter, you can share the touching moments from your wedding with others. Write down your memories, share a special story and even post a photo of the father and the bride.

Your Child's Birth Story
How did it feel when your baby was born? How did it go? How did you react? Share your birth story with other dads.

Stories of Father and Child Reunions
A long awaited reunion between a father and a child can be a special moment. Whether dad was away in the military, estranged from the child years before or just separated for a long time, the story of the reunion can be inspiring. Share your story here and those that meet our standards will be posted here on the Fatherhood site at About.com.

A Tender Moment with the Kids
Every father has stories of times that were meaningful to him. And there are lots of stories good and bad about dads. Sometimes the tender moments are the best ones to share. Tell us about your fathering moments that mean the most to you!

How You Survived a Divorce
Many fathers who go through a divorce and the subsequent battle for child custody have an experience they would never want to repeat. Some dads actually make it through the system and end up OK. It is our intent that these stories will help other dads have some hope and perspective as they move through the process of dissolving a family and creating a new way of interacting with the children and the ex-spouse.

How I Talked to My Kids About Sex
Talking about sex with your kids can strike fear in any father's life. But having those talks with your children is an important part of fathering, and of communicating your attitudes and value to them. Share your story about how you told your kids about sex and what worked and what didn't.

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