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How Your Partner's Body Changes During Pregnancy - The First Trimester


Expectant Father
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If your partner is newly pregnant, you should not only be excited, but you should be watching for some body changes and new emotions that you have not yet experienced with her. Here are some things to expect in terms of emotional and body changes during the first three months of her pregnancy.

Month 1: Subtle Changes

  • Your partner will not see dramatic changes during the first month after conception, except that she will tend to crave more rest.
  • Some women also may begin to feel a little nauseous, and her breasts may become more tender or may tingle somewhat.
  • Near the end of the first month, many women begin to experience more pronounced nausea, especially in the early morning or evening hours.
  • Also, about this time, most pregnant women will discover a little enlargement of the breasts, with added tenderness.

Month 2: Early Showing

  • You and your partner will notice that she will gain a little weight around her hips.
  • Her breasts become firmer
  • Her general tiredness will increase as the first major changes start happening inside her. This is the time when the umbilical cord is being formed, which is pretty demanding on her body
  • By the end of the second month, the levels of progesterone and estrogen are increasing dramatically, which will generally lead to some pretty serious mood swings that start now and continue through her pregnancy
  • You will also likely note the beginning of your partner craving some foods and getting sick with the thought of others. Another hormonal thing…

Month 3: Energy Drain

  • Your partner will feel totally zapped during this third month-her body is in overdrive as the baby begins to develop
  • While her sex drive will likely be good, she may just be too tired to enjoy it. Be patient-this will pass

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