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Help and Support for Fathers' Special Needs


Every father has times when their needs are paramount. Whether you are a traditional father, a single father, divorced or widowed, whether you are a stepfather or a stay at home dad, you have interests and needs that are unique to you.
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  2. New Father
  3. Divorced Dad
  4. Single Father
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Expectant Father

Expectant Father

Are you and your partner pregnant, or do you hope to be? Find resources for expectant dads and their pregnant partners. Information about the stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery, coaching programs like Bradley and Lamaze, and postpartum issues are available to help you move through the process and transition into parenthood.

New Father

Father and Baby

Have you just become a dad? Through natural means, by adoption, or by marrying into a single parent family? In any case, there is a significant adjustment period for new fathers. Check here for information tailored to you that will help in your transition to fatherhood.

Divorced Dad

Torn Family Picture

Dads who are divorced from their children's moms have a tough job. Keeping in touch from a distance or managing relationships with the children when you are not in the home is a major challenge.

Single Father

Dad, Daughter and Bubbles

Are you the single dad, custodial parent for your children? Whether you find yourself in this situation due to divorce, death or other painful experience, you can find tips and help to making your role as a single dad more meaningful for your children.


Dad Hugging Daughter

Stepfathers face significant challenges as they move into a situation where they are often unwanted and unappreciated. It takes special skills and attitudes to be a successful stepfather

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