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Looking for solid, practical advice for those thorny parenting problems? Here you can find information on child protection, discipline, talking about tough subjects and other important issues for fathers in their role as parent.
  1. Work/Life Balance
  2. Fathers and Daughters
  3. Sons and Dads
  4. Marriage
  5. Sex Education
  6. Quality Time
  1. Education and Literacy
  2. Discipline
  3. Mental Health
  4. Home Organization
  5. Communication

Work/Life Balance

Some of the hardest balancing dads do is coordinating work life, home life and personal life. Find information about achieving and maintaining work-life balance.

Fathers and Daughters

Since no dads were raised as daughters, we sometimes have a hard time relating to our female offspring. Find tips and information for being a great dad to your girls.

Sons and Dads

Sometimes, one of our biggest challenges is raising responsible young men. After all, we were all sons and boys once, and we often remember those times and compare them to the experiences of our sons. These resources will help dads deal effectively with their own sons.


The best environment for a child is in a family with a father and mother. Find resources for strengthening marriage, improving communication and working through parenting issues with your kids' mom.

Sex Education

One of the more sensitive and difficult issues to approach with our children is sex. Nonetheless, it is a critical discussion because their attitudes about sex will be formed with or without us. Here are some resources for helping you educate your children about sex and the emotions that go with it.

Quality Time

Not all family activities are created equal. Making time count positively with your children and building positive memories takes time and focus.

Education and Literacy

Interested in how best to help your children at school? Check these resources for being more involved, helping with homework, working with teachers and helping your children succeed at the business of education.


One of the biggest challenges for fathers is selecting appropriate discipline for their children. Discipline is all about modifying behavior, not about anger or retaliation. Check out the resources on this page on effective discipline.

Mental Health

Sometimes our family or our children will need intervention due to issues like depression, aggression, or other emotional or mental challenges. Learn what fathers can do when mental illness arises and how to find help for their families.

Home Organization

Many dads have an important role in organizing the home. Whether a single dad, stay at home dad, or a dad with a busy partner, home organization is an important component of effective parenting.


How to keep communication flowing in a family can be a difficult thing for fathers. Learn important steps and tools for communicating effectively with your children, your spouse and other family members.

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