1. Parenting

Resources and Information for New Fathers


Have you just become a dad? Through natural means, by adoption, or by marrying into a single parent family? In any case, there is a significant adjustment period for new fathers. Check here for information tailored to you that will help in your transition to fatherhood.
  1. Pregnancy
  2. Postpartum Issues
  3. Transitioning into New Fatherhood
  4. Financial Issues


Are you and your partner pregnant, or do you hope to be? Find resources for expectant dads and their pregnant partners. Information about the stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery, coaching programs like Bradley and Lamaze, and postpartum issues are available to help you move through the process and transition into parenthood.

Postpartum Issues

Delivery of a child brings lots of new experiences to a new mom and, by extension, to the new dad. Helping your partner through this postpartum adjustment can be a challenge physically and emotionally. Find resources to help you understand the postpartum process and to help you help your partner through this very challenging time.

Transitioning into New Fatherhood

Wondering if you will ever sleep through the night again? What about sex after having a new baby? Find information on how to cope with a new baby at home and how to adjust to the new routine of fatherhood.

Financial Issues

Fathers starting a family need to plan for their financial future. What do fathers need to know about retirement planning, saving for college, life insurance, investment, and the other important questions about meeting a family's financial obligations?

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