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Top 10 Answers to New Dads' Questions


Are you about to become a new dad? There is probably nothing more intimidating in life than finding out that your partner is expecting. Here are the most important things you need to know as you embark on this adventure known as fatherhood.

1. How do I get the most of our childbirth classes?

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Learning to effectively help your partner manage her labor and delivery process is an important role for a father to be. Find out how to find and take advantage of childbirth classes.

2. How will my partner's body change during pregnancy?

Expectant Father
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One of the things you learn quickly as an expectant dad is that everything changes with your partner--her moods, her sleep patterns, her body shape and size, and her cravings. Learn what to expect as her pregnancy progresses.

3. Will I ever sleep again?

Father and Baby
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Once the baby arrives, one of the big changes deals with your own sleeping patterns. Maybe your pregnant partner kept you awake before delivery, but now it is pretty likely that you'll be up some time every night. Learn how to manage the nighttime demands and keep your sanity.

4. How do I babyproof my home?

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Another major change you will need to make is to your home. As baby starts getting mobile, it is important to make the changes needed to keep baby safe. Find out the important steps you should take to make the residence babyproof.

5. What do I do the first time I am alone with the baby?

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Another intimidating first for new dads is the first time you take care of the baby alone. It can be a great bonding experience, but it helps to be prepared. Get the inside scoop as to how a new dad can get ready for his first time with the baby without mom.

6. When do I need to call the baby's doctor?

Baby at Checkup
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At some point in time, every new dad will experience a health concern with his infant. When is it important to make a call to the pediatrician and what kinds of issues should you be able to handle on your own?

7. How should my partner encourage me to be a good dad?

Family with Baby
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This article offers an interesting perspective--how can moms encourage their new baby's dad to get involved in parenting the little one? Read this article and share it with your partner so she can know how best to support your desires to be a great dad.

8. How do I choose the right babysitter?

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When you and your partner finally decide to leave the little one for a while, you will need to have a babysitter who is the ultimate in safety and responsibility. Find out how to find and select just the right person to tend your baby when you have a night out.

9. How do I protect my child from sexual abuse?

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Dads feel a real need to protect their children from the horrors of modern life--including child sexual abuse. Learn the tools at your disposal to help secure your children from sexual abuse.

10. What is the impact of my childhood on my baby?

Baby and Dad in Winter
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Sometimes we have a tendency to "project" issues from our childhood on our own children. While the good things from our early life can be good to pass on, dads want to avoid the bad stuff that perhaps made our childhood unpleasant. Find out what you can do to keep from projecting your bad stuff onto your child's life.
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