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From DINK to Dad: Making the Transition to Being a New Father


Family with Baby
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About two-thirds of couples in the United States rely on the incomes of both partners to survive financially. And the percentage of dual income families is higher for those without children. I have heard statisticians and tax policy experts refer to these families as DINKs-dual income, no kids.

So what happens when a couple who are both working decide to start a family? There are a lot of adjustments to be made-roles change, finances change and emotions change. It is a period of-well, change. So how can a new dad successfully navigate this important transition in his life and the life of his new family?

Changing Roles, Schedules and Relationships
When you move from being a dual income, no kids couple to becoming parents, many things change for new fathers. Learn more about the changing roles, schedules and relationships in the transition to fatherhood for a new father.

Changing Financial Resources and Needs for New Fathers
One of the big changes for men moving from being part of a dual income couple to becoming a father involves the financial demands and challenges. Learn what to expect financially when you become a father and what to do about it.

When New Mom Quits Her Job
When you have a baby and your partner quits her job, there can be some challenges shrinking resources for two incomes to one. What should a dad do when he becomes the sole breadwinner for his little family?

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