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Have you just become a dad? Through natural means, by adoption, or by marrying into a single parent family? In any case, there is a significant adjustment period for new fathers. Check here for information tailored to you that will help in your transition to fatherhood.
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Tell Your Child's Birth Story
Share the details of your child's birth story. What was fun, what was challenging and how you felt. You can even post a photo.

How to Know When You Are Ready for Fatherhood
It is a question most men ask themselves over and over. How will I know when I am ready to be a father? Find out what you should think about and the questions you should answer to know when you are ready for fatherhood.

Ten Ways Becoming A Dad Changes You for the Better
Fatherhood has a tendency to change men for the better. Find out what the research says about the ways that fatherhood benefits a man in all aspects of his life.

The Ten Commandments for New Fathers
David Port, the co-author of the entertaining book The Cavemans Guide to Babys First Year, shares his ten commandments for new fathers.

From DINK to Dad—Making the Transition to Fatherhood
When a couple who are both employed make the transition to parenthood, there are many factors to consider. What issues should a man deal with as he makes the transition to fatherhood from being a dual income, no kids couple.

Bonding with the New Baby
You have a new baby at home, and hope to be able to have a bonding experience with the little one. What can a dad do to better bond with his baby?

Things New Dads Need to Know
Are you about to become a new dad? There is probably nothing more intimidating in life than finding out that your partner is expecting. Here are the most important things you need to know as you embark on this adventure known as fatherhood.

Tapping Dad's Potential
Unlike other About Fatherhood articles, this one is written for moms. Guest contributor Greg Keer provides insights to help new moms effectively nurture and engage their child's father in his important parenting roles.

Are You Ready for Fatherhood?
Men who are nearing the decision as to whether to have a family or not can find the decision really tough. Take our quiz and find out if you are emotionally ready to be a responsible and committed dad.

Getting the Most Out of Your Childbirth Class
You and your partner are expecting and its time for the fabled childbirth classes. Which do you choose and how do you as the birth coach and dad succeed in preparing for the birth experience?

Things They Didn't Tell You about Fatherhood
Preparing for fatherhood is a special challenge, and sometimes new fathers are not well prepared. Andy Altizer and Roby Hill share with new dads the things they need to know but often aren't told about being a dad.

Will I Ever Sleep Again?
New fathers often have an unexpected experience when their sleep patterns change with a new baby. How can new dads adjust to this new phenomenon in their lives and get the sleep they need to function at home and at work?

Sex after Fatherhood
Becoming a dad for the first time means a lot of things are going to change. One of the many questions new dad's have is, when is it o.k. to have sex again? In this article, Men's Health Guide Jerry Kennard lists a few of the considerations.

Ten Things I Wish I Had Known as a New Dad
New fathers have lots of questions about parenting and often feel overwhelmed about their new role. An experienced father shares the ten things he wished he had known as a new dad.

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