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Important Statistics about Fathers in America from U.S. Dad's Market


Silver Stork Research has provided a recent report entitled U.S. Dads Market: A Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers. This research report looks at trends in the changing roles and attitudes about fathers and how businesses should market to fathers and their families. Some of the statistics cited in the report are fascinating and show how fathers are becoming more and more involved in family life.

Majority of fathers see themselves as hands-on.

Seventy percent of the estimated 64 million fathers in the United States are hands on and want to keep their families first on their list of priorities.

Dads believe that they are equal parenting partners.

Nearly 3/4 of married dads consider themselves equal parenting partners with their wives, while 69% feel that dads are changing to meet the needs of this new world.

Eight out of ten new dads participate in baby-registries.

Eighty-one percent of first-time dads actively participate in the baby gift registry process -- something which was initially considered to be a "mom thing."

Majority of men plan to marry and have children.

More than 50% of men between the ages of 15 and 44 are planning on have children in the future.

Men see a range of new attitudes and perspectives on family life.

The report focuses on the wave of males from the post-Boomer generation who are now becoming fathers and have a wide range of new influences and perspectives on parenthood. Described as the "Dad Factor", the report details what it calls "an evolution of modern fathers today as impacted by their perceptions on gender roles, their own parents and how motherhood has also changed."
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