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The Top Ten Dr. Seuss Books for Dads and Kids


Children of all ages love Dr. Seuss' books. They are whimsical, entertaining and colorful, and many have important messages about personal responsibility. These books are incredible for fathers to read to and with their children. Any one of them will create a fun experience for a father and a child.

1. Oh the Places You’ll Go

Oh the Places You'll Go
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This book is a classic and helps your child feel excited about her future. Life is full of adventure, and Dr. Seuss captures that concept perfectly. It is also a great book for you to give anyone graduating or otherwise embarking on a new stage of life.
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2. Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham
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Green eggs and ham may note be your favorite breakfast, but you won't be able to resist this funny little book of rhymes. It is my favorite read-aloud book by Dr. Seuss.
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3. Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop
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This book has brought me countless hours of pleasure with my children and grandchildren. We have read it many times with my laying on the ground and a child bouncing on my middle! The rhymes are fun and just mentioning the title of the book gets the kids laughing!
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4. The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat
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The Cat in the Hat has become a classic. The Cat is an entertaining character, who is full of surprises. This book is a perfect books for children just learning to read by themselves. One after another, the Cat in the Hat's antics will entertain, and as always, the rhyming is engaging.
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5. If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo
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In If I Ran the Zoo, a boy decides what the zoo would be life if he was the zookeeper. Lions and tigers and monkeys would not be in his zoo. No! He would have animals no one had ever before seen. This has always been a fun book to read either before or after a zoo trip or when children are learning to appreciate and recognize various animals.
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6. Dr. Seuss ABC

Dr. Seuss ABC
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Learning the alphabet has never been more fun. Rhymes and illustrations engage even the youngest child who is discovering the ABC's. And with our children, the love of this book continued long after the alphabet was mastered.
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7. The Lorax

The Lorax
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One of Dr. Seuss' more serious "message books," The Lorax shares an important tale about the need for our being better stewards of the environment. In this story, the Lorax warns the Once-ler about the folly of cutting down all the Truffula trees in the forest for profit. While there is a happy ending, the message is clear about our responsibility to the environment. A good, thought provoking book for dads and kids to read together.
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8. Horton Hears a Who

Horton Hears A Who
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Horton is an unusual elephant. He can see and hear tiny creatures that no one else can see and hear. Horton's gentle nature and his connection to the Who's end of saving their world. This book is fun enough to read, but it packs an important message to our children about respect, integrity, kindness and personal responsibility.
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9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
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An absolute Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been developed into a cartoon with the voice of Boris Karloff and into a favorite Jim Carrey movie. But there is nothing quite like the magic in the original book by Dr. Seuss. Engaging characters, extraordinary illustrations and an important message about the spirit of Christmas are all found in abundance in this memorable book.
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10. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

Mr. Brown Can Moo
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Mr. Brown is quite amazing. He can imitate the sounds of virtually every animal and other sounds. Think of eggs frying, corks popping and a hippo chewing gum. If you like making sounds for the kids to guess, this will be the book for you toe enjoy with the children!
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