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Illinois Fathers


Illinois Fathers
Illinois Fathers is a charitable organization in the state of Illinois that provides support, resources and government advocacy supporting shared parenting and working at educating the public in Illinois about the value of children having access to and relationships with both parents, regardless of family status. They provide a wide range of services to fathers in the state struggling with family law issues and to others in Illinois interested in fathers' rights and the value of shared parenting after a divorce.

Services Offered by Illinois Fathers:

  • Shared Parenting Petition
  • Information about the Illinois Family Law Study Committee
  • Information about Fatherless Day in Illinois
  • An online store with clothing and bumper stickers supporting fathers and families
  • A very helpful online forum (see below)
  • Helpful links about fathers' rights and family law

A Robust Forum Site:

For a state fathers' rights organization, Illinois Fathers has an amazing online forum. Registration is required to use the forum but the registration process is easy and quick. The forum includes discussions on topics including finding a good family law attorney in the state, dealing with interference in visitation and fathers' rights, child support, dealing with prosecutors and judges in the various family law circuits in Illinois, and more. And for fathers with a desire to get involved in the legislative process concerning fathers' rights, there is an entire forum dealing with the how-to's of political action in the state. In my mind, this is clearly one aspect of the Illinois Fathers site that sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

What the Illinois Fathers Organization Has Accomplished:

This is an impressive organization that should be a model for other state fatherhood organizations. They have a very active political action arm that is making a difference in raising awareness of the need for laws supporting shared parenting. They have helped legislators understand that despite common stereotypes, non-custodial fathers are almost always "good guys trying to fulfill their roles as caring and loving fathers." They engage with lawmakers at the state capitol and with regulators and others in state government on these issues. They have been working hard to add people who understand fathers' rights onto key statewide committees related to family law and child support. And most importantly, they are working to grow a statewide support system for fathers across the state of Illinois.

Links to Illinois Fathers' Online Resources:

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