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Resurrecting Anthony - A Book Review

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Resurrecting Anthony by Tony and Linda Cole
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The Bottom Line

An amazing story of courage and commitment, Resurrecting Anthony is the story of Linda and Tony Cole, whose son Anthony was stricken with a heart ailment that eventually left him with massive brain damage. As Tony works to coach his son back to his prior self, and both Tony and Linda adapt to new reality, they find within themselves the ability to accept things they cannot change and the strength and commitment to change what they can. The story is an inspiration to any parent dealing with a tragic circumstance in the life of a child
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  • Very engaging style of writing keeps the reader riveted
  • Anthony's story is compelling and invites every reader to learn more
  • At the end of the book is a toolbox for other parents dealing with traumatic brain injury


  • The parents' sense of pain is almost palatable; some readers will feel the pain and discomfort


  • An easy and engaging read for any committed parent
  • Parents of disabled children will find compassion and hope
  • Resurrecting Anthony will be an unforgettable experience for any father

Guide Review - Resurrecting Anthony - A Book Review

Tony and Linda Cole were living the good life, running a training and consulting firm, raising a family and finding personal fulfillment in so many ways. But when tragedy struck, they found strength beyond that of which they thought they were capable. Resurrecting Anthony is an incredible expression of love, courage and hope in the face of adversity and trial.

Anthony Cole was a happy, athletic and imaginative 12 year old boy who suffered a heart attack on the playground at school. Heroic efforts by paramedics and medical personnel restarted his heart, plagued by a previously unknown abnormality. Because of the time without oxygen to the brain, Anthony suffered serious brain damage and the life of his family was changed forever.

Resurrecting Anthony, written from his father Tony's perspective, tells the story of the tragedy in the unfolding layers of reality as it came to be understood. The reader has the sense of shock, frustration, anger, denial and finally hope and dedication as Tony and Linda work within Anthony's new limitations to help him regain his personality and function.

I don't think that a parent can fully appreciate this story unless they can share at least to some extent the sense of the reality of seeing a child go from healthy and active to disabled in a very small period of time, and then working over weeks, months and years to care for and help their child. But even parents without such trial in their life can come to better appreciate the challenges, and to truly marvel at the commitment of parents placed in such a circumstance.

Tony and Linds Cole are an inspiration to parents everywhere. For those who have experienced similar challenges, Resurrecting Anthony will help them find hope and healing. For the rest of us, we will likely never see everyday life in the same way.

Resurrecting Anthony is a book that every parent should read, and in the reading find a new sense of appreciation, a new desire for commitment and compassion, and a sense of gratitude for whatever circumstances may bring.

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