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Easy and Awesome Pumpkin Carving Patterns


I love carving a Halloween pumpkin with the kids that all the neighbors talk about. I'm not into the usual "triangles for eyes and nose and toothless grin" kind of pumpkin. But I am also not a tremendously talented carver. So, I like to use patterns that can be transferred to the pumpkin and then use that pattern to guide the knife. These patterns meet my standard of being unique, having a great effect, and being easy enough that I can do them with the kids. Click, print and have fun!

1. Cool Guy Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Cool Guy Pumpkin Carving Template
This pattern from the About.com Family Crafts site, is really easy and looks great when backlit. I have had lots of good comments about the cool guy in my pumpkin.

2. Dragon Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Dragon Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Also from our Family Craft Guide, this dragon is kind of scary, but it reminds me of the Chinese New Year Dragon in our local parade. It is a little more complicated, but still can be done in about half an hour.

3. Blues Clues Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Blues Clues Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Image Courtest of DLTK.com
If you like cartoon characters (or your kids do), this one of Blue the dog from Blue's Clues is a really fun pattern. It is one of those patterns that has a great result, and is definitely not scary (so good for the little ones at your house).

4. Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Courtesy of DLTK.com
One of my favorite patterns, this haunted house is a little complicated, but is worth the effort because the effect is so awesome. But it does have a lot of little pumpkin strips so you have to be extra careful with the knife.

5. Pig Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Pig Pumpkin Carving Pattern
I love the patterns on pumpkins that are not about Halloween, and this is a good one. This pig face is really cute and it looks great on a pumpkin and backlit. This is one that the little trick or treaters will love.

6. Howling Wolf Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Howling Wolf Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Courtesy of Celebrating-Halloween.com
This howling wolf pattern is just awesome. It is a bit on the intricate side, but definitely do-able for almost any dad and child. The time it takes is certainly worth the effect. This is a pumpkin pattern the whole neighborhood will love.

7. Grim Creeper

Grim Creeper Pumpkin Carving Template
Courtesy of Spookmaster.com
I like this pattern. It is really spooky and quite intricate, but has a great look when it is done. The folks at Pumpkin Masters have tons of great templates, but most of them will cost you a couple of dollars.

8. Scary Devil Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Devil Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Our About.com Landscaping Guide has posted this great pattern. It is comparatively easy, but gives off an eerie glow on a pumpkin when backlit. Another great pattern for carving with the kids.

9. Flying Witch

Flying Witch Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Another creative pattern without a face, this flying witch is a lot of fun and with so much pumpkin cut out, it looks great with a candle or a glow stick inside the pumpkin. You'll get lots of positive comments about this one.

10. Halloween Pumpkin Design with Bats

Bats Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Another one from the About.com Landscaping Site, this pattern is kind of artsy with the two mirror image bats on either side of the pumpkin face. I really like the look.

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