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Halloween Costume Ideas for Dads and Kids


Coming up with a Halloween costume can be tricky, especially without spending a lot of money. Our About.com guides have come up with literally hundreds of costumes you can make at home. With a little creativity and a little time, you can find and make a great costume for and with your kids.

No Sew Costumes

Here are a bunch of great ideas for those dads who don't sew (including me). There are ideas for angels, Barbies, bats, Blue, crayons, frogs, gangsters and more. A lot of these I would certainly have never thought of without a list like this.

Cardboard Box Costumes

Transformers, bulldozers, a pirate ship and a head on a platter are some of the great and creative costumes you can make from a simple cardboard box and some craft supplies.

Halloween Masks

Sometimes, all that is needed is a great mask. This list of mask ideas ranges from Mardi Gras type masks to animal noses and more. Egg cartons, papier mache and plaster are all great mask materials

Fast, Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes

Prepared by our Single Parents Guide, this list has tons of ideas for the easiest of the easy costumes. Even if you don't find exactly what you want, this list will help you think outside the box for costume ideas.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

If you and your partner are looking for some costume ideas, this list from our About.com Marriage Guides is a great idea generator. Celebrity couples, political couples, cartoon characters and more will help you come up with something for the neighborhood or workplace Halloween party.

Halloween Costumes for Twins

If you have twins, then this list has some great costumes available for sale that will meet the needs of any twin family. Superheroes, pirates, and more await.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Our Work at Home Moms Guide has some great easy ideas for costumes made with stuff you already have around the house. Pumpkins, firefighters, ballerinas and ninjas will all find some easy ideas here.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

This list truly has something for everyone. Some of these costumes can be bought online, others can be made at home. And whether the costume is for kids, babies, families, or adults, you'll find an idea here that you can work on.
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