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Gifts for Dad's Man Cave


Every man wants a place to call his own.   In my dad’s generation, men had dens.   Today, we call these special places just for dads a man cave.  So whether your dad has a spare bedroom, an office or just a corner of the attic or the basement, here are some gift ideas for him to put in his man cave.

1. Personalized Man Cave Sign

Man Cave Gift - Man Cave Sign
Courtesy of Mancavegifts.com

Help your dad welcome his family members and friends to his special man cave and also celebrate his favorite team.

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2. Man Cave Neon Clock

Man Cave Gift - Man Cave Neon Clock
Courtesy of mancavegifts.com

Dad can keep track of time in his man cave with this cool chrome and blue neon clock.  With shiny aluminum hands, it looks very classy.  Requires a AA battery and a wall outlet.

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3. Route 66 Sign Set

Man Cave Gift - Route 66 Sign Set
Courtesy of RetroPlanet.com
Route 66 has been known as America’s Main Street. Route 66 traversed nine Midwest and Southwest States, and these vintage signs will enhance the decor in almost any man cave.
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4. 1950’s Pay Phone

Man Cave Gift - 1950's Pay Phone
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Harking back to dad’s youth, this vintage pay phone (that will really work when plugged into a phone jack) is the ultimate retro gift for dad’s man cave.

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5. Portable Coca Cola Fridge

Man Cave Gift - Coca Cola Fridge

While man caves are famous for beer, more and more dads are going alcohol free, even in the man cave.  This retro portable refrigerator holds 28 soda cans and is small enough to fit almost anywhere in the man cave.

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6. Most Wanted Frosted Mugs

Most Wanted Dad Mug
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Whenever dad looks at these awesome frosted mugs, he will know he is the "most wanted" dad in your family.  They can even be personalized with his hame!  A great addition for any man cave.

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7. Tournament Game Room Dart Set

Tournament Dart Board Set
Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

A beautiful deluxe dart board in a cabinet with brass darts, and a chalk scoring board and eraser.  No man cave should be without a great dart board.

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8. Man Candles

Yankee Candle Man Candle
Man Candles are a perfect accessory for a man cave. With masculine scents like freshly cut wood, spice and musk, a leather football and a newly mowed lawn, the Man Candle would be a great addition to your dad's den or man cave. And such a creative idea - a masculine smelling candle!

9. Sony Bravia 40" LCD Television

Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV

One of the most important components of a man cave is a great television.  The Sony Bravia has a great quality picture but is not so large as to overwhelm the typical man cave.  And it is Internet ready so you can connect up and stream from any number of video providers.

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10. PlayStation 3 HD Gaming Console

PlayStation 3 Console
Courtesy of Sony

No man cave is complete without a great gaming system.  The PlayStation 3 has incredible graphics capability and a built in Blu Ray player as well.  There are thousands of games available and it can also connect via WiFi to your Internet connection to allow online gaming.

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