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Top Ten Gifts for the History Buff Father


If you father loves history (and many do), then he will appreciate a gift that reminds him of his passion and the events that have shaped our world. From books and ties to games and DVD's, this list has something to please every history-loving dad.

1. Time Troopers

Time Troopers DVD Game
A DVD based game from the History Channel will challenge children and adults alike. With different age level games, you can enjoy testing your American history trivia knowledge as well as learning more about history. Dads and kids with an affection for history will enjoy playing this game together.
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2. John Adams DVD

John Adams DVD Miniseries
One of my favorite books chronicling early American history has been made into a miniseries masterpiece. John Adams shares the story of our second President and a man about whom too little has been written. And not only do you see history unfolding from Adams’ point of view in this DVD miniseries, you also see the development of other American patriots like Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton. An absolutely engrossing story that will give your dad many hours of viewing pleasure.
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3. 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America
Ten one-hour documentaries highlight ten days that each triggered change in America. These incredible and little known stories are compelling and will be of real interest to any history buff.
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4. Founding Fathers Signature Ties

Founding Fathers Signature Ties
Courtesy of UltimateGifts.com
These neckties include the signatures of those signing the Declaration of Independence (blue) and the Constitution (red). Very attractive ties with real historical significance. Your dad’s friends will admire and comment on his tie.

5. Character : Profiles in Presidential Courage

Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage
One of the best books I have read on Presidential history. Author Chris Wallace shares the details of twenty experiences in courage by US Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush. An engaging read that your dad will enjoy and remember.
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6. The Constitution: The Essential User’s Guide

Time The Constitution
The Constitution: The Essential User’s Guide takes readers on a journey from the founding fathers to the tea party, and even addresses how the framers would react to today’s world of TV, DNA, Medicare and Lady Gaga! It was created to help bring the Constitution to life, showing how it was written in a spirit of change, revolution and turbulence, and explaining why it continues to be such a controversial document today.
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7. Subscription to American History Magazine

American History Magazine
American History Magazine
Give the gift that gives all year long. American History magazine offers articles and insights into American history that will delight your dad during the year. Learn about the forces and the figures that shaped the history of the United States with both scholarly and popular subjects.

8. My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans
I have really enjoyed reading this one. Author Michael Waldman has compiled the most important Presidential speeches in American history into one volume. Washington's inaugurals, the Gettysburg address, FDR's fireside chat, Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis Speech and Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech are all included. The book also includes an audio CD with dramatized and original audio of these classic Presidential speeches.
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9. Chrononauts

Chrononauts Card Game
This is a card game where playes travel through time, collect artifacts and can change the outcome of history. If you love history and role playing card games, then this is a must have. You and your dad will enjoy hours of entertainment and history, and every time you play is an entirely new game.
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10. Historic Badges of the Old West Collection

Historic Badges of the Old West Collection
Acorn Online
If your dad has affection for the Old West, this collection of replica law enforcement badges will be a treasure. A Tombstone Marshall, Texas Ranger, Sheriff, Indian Police, and US Marshall badge in a nice gift box.

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