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Gifts for Fitness Focused Dads


Fathers who enjoy fitness are sometimes hard to buy gifts for. This list will give you some great ideas for your dad's special day if he is a fitness buff, or wants to be one.

1. Tri Color Runners Vest

Tri Color Runners Vest
courtesy of Sportsunlimited.com
This bright, tri-color reflecting mesh vest is easy to use an d cool to wear. The three reflectorized stripes in red, yellow and blue make any runner, jogger or biker easy to see in the dark. A good gift for safety for the dad who wants to be active before or after daylight.
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2. Omron Digital Pedometer

Omron Digital Pedometer
A great pedometer that digitally measures the number of steps you take and calculates distance and calories burned. The display is easy to read and includes a seven day memory of your stats. It also has a clock, so you don’t have to wear a watch. A great pedometer for walkers or joggers.
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3. Body for Life

Body for Life
The classic book by Bill Phillips is the best fitness book for helping people get started with strength and cardiovascular training. Following the Body for Life regimen has helped hundreds of thousands of men lose weight and improve their overall fitness and body shape. This is a must have book for a dad who wants to start or improve his approach to personal fitness.
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4. ULTRAK 499 2000 Memory Stopwatch

ULTRAK 499 2000 Memory Stopwatch
A great little stopwatch with a built in multiple event memory and a lap time and cumulative time feature. It has a clock and calendar and dual countdown timers. This is my all time favorite stopwatch for fitness fans.
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5. Tai Chi For Life DVD

Tai Chi For Life DVD
Master Sun Lu Tang is the trainer in this great Tai chi video for anyone interested in this fun approach to fitness. Dad will learn 73 different Tai Chi movements and be able to follow several different Tai Chi regimens. For those who are into or are thinking about getting into Tai Chi, this is a great DVD gift.
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6. Exercise Resistance Bands

Resistance Tubes for Exercise
Courtesy of Amazon.com
I am a huge fan of exercise tubes and resistance bands. I don’t have room in my house for a weight set, but I use the exercise tubes all the time to help build upper body muscle. This set has three tubes with handles at varying levels of resistance. They are also light weight and convenient and can be put easily into a suitcase for traveling.
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7. Fitness Rhythms CD

Fitness Rhythms
This unique exercise CD is provided by Eric Wilson who is an exercise therapist, personal trainer and musician. The CD has 60 minutes of music, mostly percussion, that will provide a fun and entertaining workout for any father.
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8. Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

Noise Cancelling Ear Bud MP3 Headphones
Courtesy of Amazon.com
These are superb earbud headphones for exercising. Just plug into your MP3 player or iPod and listen to music along the way. The noise cancelling quality of these earbuds is extraordinary and will work in almost any environment, even jogging on a busy highway.

9. Macally iPod Arm Band Case

Exercise Arm Band
This is a great little arm band case for your dad’s iPod or MP3 player. It straps comfortably on his arm and holds his device securely while he is running, jogging or biking. For any dad who likes to listen to music or other audio while exercising, this would be a great gift.

10. DietMaster 2100 Plus Nutrition Software

DietMaster 2100 Plus Nutrition Software
Courtesy of Amazon.com
DietMaster is the gold standard of nutrition software. This program will help your dad analyze his eating habits, dietary needs, and diet planning. Based on the information he inputs, DietMaster will provide eating guides, exercise recommendations and other inputs for your fitness program. You can then also track activity, weight loss, and fitness condition.
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