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Wild and Crazy Gifts for Dads


Looking for an off-the-wall gift for your dad? One that will make him laugh and that he will least expect? Then this list will give you some great ideas for those one of a kind, never to be expected gifts.

1. Thumb Wrestling Ring

Thumb Wrestling Ring
A wrestling ring for your championship or aspiring champion thumb wrestler. Includes rule book and hints for excelling at this favorite sport.
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2. TV Be Gone

TV Be Gone
Is your dad annoyed by those ever present televisions in doctors offices, at the airport or elsewhere? This novel device is a universal remote control that has only one button -- off. Dad can shut down any TV that is troubling him. Now, if they only made a remote that turned every TV to ESPN.

3. Executive Sand Box

Executive Sandbox
If, however, your dad prefers to relax after a stressful day, then maybe this sandbox is just the trick. The box includes sand, sand toys, a beach umbrella and chair. It’s as good as a vacation day at the beach (well, maybe not).
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4. Multi Tool Pen

Multi Tool Pen
For the dad who has almost everything, consider this new gadget. It is an attractive writing pen that includes two screwdrivers, a knife blade and tweezers in the barrel of the pen. An easy way for dad to keep his tools handy all the time.

5. Talking Pedometer

Talking Pedometer
If your dad is walking for exercise or fun, this is a great gift. This pedometer not only keeps track of distances, but it will tell you out loud how far you have gone. It also plays seven electronic melodies to help dad stay on pace with his walking.
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6. The Small Ecosphere

The Small Ecosphere
Inside each EcoSphere are active microorganisms, bright red shrimp and algae; all in filtered seawater. Because the unit is a self-containing ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Fun to observe as the cycle of life moves forward!
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7. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm
Have a dad with a challenge getting up and going in the morning? Then the Puzzle Alarm clock is the gift for him. When this alarm clock sounds off, it hurls four puzzle pieces into the air. To turn off the alarm, dad will have to put the four pieces together correctly to turn off the alarm. A great and creative gadget gift for the slow starting dad.

8. USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

If your dad is one who stops at Starbucks on the way to work, he probably loves the morning cappuccino or coffee, but hates having a cold drink by the time he gets to work. This USB cup warmer is the perfect accessory for his desktop. It plugs into the USB port on the computer and keeps his cup warm. With a 176 degree maximum temperature and a light 5 oz. weight, it can keep any hot drink nice and warm.  And it has 4 additional USB ports as well.

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9. Electronic Rock Guitar Tee Shirt

Electronic Rock Guitar Tee Shirt
Did you dad rock out to Guitar Hero? Then he will love this shirt. With a magnetic pick and a guitar with sensors for playing major chords, your dad will have a blast rocking out with this shirt.

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