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Finances for Fathers and Families

There always seems to be more month at the end of the money than there is money at the end of the month. Find out how to better manage your money, to save for college and retirement, and to make good financial decisions.
  1. Teaching Children About Money (3)
  2. Children and Identity Theft (3)
  3. Savings (5)
  4. Managing the Family Budget (6)

Choose a Guardian for Your Children
It is always good to prepare for the unthinkable. Choosing a guardian for your children is one of the most important decisions a father can make. What should a father consider when choosing a guardian for his children?

Getting out of Debt and Staying Out of Debt
Fathers have a special interest in keeping their families, and themselves, financially solvent. With extremely high interest rates on consumer debt, reducing your debt

How to Help Your Family Cope with Job Loss
A father who has lost his job has all kinds of challenges and emotional responses, including helping his family cope. Here are some strategies for helping fathers help their families deal with the challenges of job loss and the toll it takes on a family.

Finding Money for College
Find out everything you need to know about applying for financial aid, grants, scholarships and the like. Discover how to prepare your paperwork for the quickly upcoming deadlines for scholarships and financial aid for college.

College Cost Calculator
How much is college going to cost you when your teen gets there? By using the cost of college today, the average interest rate of college cost and the number of years you have until your teen goes to college, the college cost calculator from About Teen Parenting Guide Denise Wittmer can give you an estimate.

Top 7 Financial Habits for Fathers and Families
What are the most critical financial habits for fathers working on their family finances? How can you save, pay bills and make the money last all...

Setting Family Financial Goals
Every family starts its financial planning with family financial goals. What should you think about when setting goals and how should you involve...

Tax Tips for Divorced Dads
Filing your income tax return for the first time as a divorced dad? Find out what you need to know about your federal income taxes if you are paying alimony, child support and more in support of your ex wife and children.

Tips for Creating a Family Budget
Why does your family need a family budget? How should you go about creating a family budget and inviting your family to participate in the process.

Financial Tools for Savvy Fathers
Fathers who manage their family's money will appreciate some tools and strategies to help with the family budget, savings plans and consumer debt. These resources from About.com experts can help families better manage their finances.

The Seven Money Mistakes Fathers Often Make
Learn from experienced fathers the important money mistakes you should avoid in your family, and how to make smarter financial decisions.

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