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Generation Ex - A Book Review

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Generation Ex - How to Be a Happy, Healthy and Positive Ex-Husband and Father
Courtesy of David M. Zamora

The Bottom Line

David Zamora's Generation Ex - How to Be a Happy, Healthy and Positive Ex-Husband and Father will give any divorced dad a new perspective on his relationships and on himself. Filled with memorable stories and an undeniably upbeat theme, Generation Ex offers practical and down-to-earth advice about finding peace, health, and positive direction in the life of any divorced dad.


  • Written in a casual, comfortable style
  • Full of humorous vignettes and insights from Zamora's life
  • The book can't help but make you smile
  • Practical advice for ex-husbands who still want to be great dads


  • A couple of chapters have strong Christian overtones that might put off a few dads


  • Generation Ex offers hope to fathers who have lived through ugly divorces
  • Each chapter offers a reference guide at the end to help the reader find more information
  • Each chapter is only about 3-5 pages long, so reading the book moves fast

Guide Review - Generation Ex - A Book Review

David Zamora is a man who has found peace and direction as a divorced and now remarried father. He shares his story and advice in his book Generation Ex - How to Be a Happy, Healthy and Positive Ex-Husband and Father. Looking to, as David told me, "ease the pain, bridge the gaps and bring back smiles in separated families," Generation Ex is part inspiration and part guidebook for living through divorce and minimizing the pain for husband, wife, family and children.

Written in an easy and engaging style, Generation Ex both a quick read and a pleasant experience. Reading it from cover to cover took me a bit less than two hours one evening (97 pages) and I truly enjoyed the time I spent reading. I found myself, as David promised I would, smiling quite a bit. And that was a different reaction than I have had to many other books written for divorced fathers.

David Zamora shares the peaks and valleys of his own personal story, but also makes sure the reader has take-aways for his own situation. Covering subjects like communication, money, health and grandparents, he offers practical advice for the everyday challenges of divorced fathers.

Generation Ex is a breath of fresh air for the genre of fatherhood books that appeal to or are written primarily for divorced dads. It offers hope and healing in a unique way and does in fact offer ideas for bridging the gaps created by a separated family situation. Children, ex-spouses and the divorced dad will all be better off if the counsel of Generation Ex is read and applied consistently.

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