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How to Dance the Quick Step


Bride Dancing with Father
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When a dad without a lot of dancing experience needs to dance the quick step for a wedding, debutante ball or other event, this quick tutorial will help him learn the basic step and not embarrass himself in the process.

1. You begin this dance in the basic ballroom position. You and your partner stand together facing one another. Your right hand, dad, is on her waist and your left hand is raised up and her left hand is in it. Then her right hand is on your left shoulder. You've seen it a hundred times in movies. Your partner will mirror your movements.

2. Take a slow step with the right foot forward and begin to turn right at the same time. Given the "mirror image," your partner will take a slow step backward with her right foot and turn to her left. For the quick step, you and your partner will use a slow-quick-quick pattern through out the dance.

3. Next, move the left foot to the side with a quarter turn to the right. The turn should be done in time your step to make it a natural turn. If it feels a little awkward, that is to be expected, but it will become more natural with practice. This is the first "quick" in the slow-quick-quick pattern.

4. After that quarter turn to the right (her left), slide the right foot to the left foot and make a quick 1/8th of a turn. Immediately begin to turn right again while putting the left foot back.

5. Pull the heel while sliding the right foot and making a 3/8th turn to the right. This represents the final "quick" of the three-step pattern. You and your partner should again be ready for the slow step of the slow-quick-quick pace.

6. Put your left foot forward and you should be facing the wall diagonal from where you started. Repeat the steps again all in the tempo of the slow-quick-quick pace of the quickstep.

This sounds pretty complicated and it is. This is one of the more challenging ballroom dance steps. It will help for you to watch a quick instructional video from VideoJug so you can see the moves in action. Again, lots of practice with a slow tempo music will help you get the basics and develop a familiarity with this fun and entertaining dance step.

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