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CDO - Chief Daddy Officer

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CDO- Chief Daddy Officer
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CDO - Chief Daddy Officer is a fascinating book, particularly for fathers with experience in the business world. The overall theme is that the same leadership characteristics that work in the business world are those that make fathers and families successful when applied at home. If you have ever wondered how to apply key business principles in your parenting role, then CDO will be a revelation.

The Background

Successful entrepreneur Christos Efessiou found himself divorced and raising a seven year old daughter. He had distinguished himself as an business developer and leader and found that he had skills and attitudes that helped him succeed in the business world. But raising a seven year old girl and trying to make his little family work was another matter. Or was it?

Chris found that the principles and practices that made business teams successful also applied to his relationship with his daughter and to the operation and management of a family. Being a successful business person and a loving and available father had more in common than he thought. CDO - Chief Daddy Officer is the result of his exploration of this theme. And the resulting book is as much parenting manual as memoir as he learns to improve both his business and his family relationships.

The Tools

Parenting and business leadership include many of the same tools and principles. Think about team building, leading by example, goal setting, communication, empowerment and trust. All these principles and practices have everything to do with successful organizations and productive family relationships.

As Chris explores each of the topics, and more, he finds ways to make them real and applicable in a family setting. And the principles apply, whether the family includes mother, father and children or whether the father or mother is absent from the family.

It may seem strange to think about using business principles in a family. Many dads have seen them as mutually exclusive skill sets. But when one thinks about what makes a great business venture, it is not all accounting and investing. It is also character, ethics, loyalty, leadership, creativity and building strong and mutually supportive relationships. And those are all skills that work as well in a family setting and in raising responsible children.

The Memoir Part

In addition to discussing these overlapping principles, Chris shares poignant and moving stories about raising his daughter. The reader can sense in an instant his love, his respect for her as a person and his desire to raise her to be a successful person. His leadership in the family is clearly by precept but also by personal example. He takes on the hard issues that are associated with being a single father, but still demonstrates the importance of love, respect and honor in the parenting role. And any dad will learn a lot about work/life balance in reading about how Chris found the way to be a successful business owner and a committed and available father at the same time.

The Bottom Line

CDO - Chief Daddy Officer is a book that every father should read. It is principle based, but immensely practical. It is a relatively quick read at 186 pages and can be read over a long weekend. Any dad will appreciate Chris' insight and deep thoughts into family and fatherhood, and will find something of his own experiences that mirrors the author's. It will seem at once familiar and friendly, and yet will challenge our conventional thinking about both work and family.

CDO - Chief Daddy Officer is a book that you will want to read and then reread later to make sure that you got everything the author has to offer. It is challenging to our conventional wisdom, but it will also change forever your attitude about family and fatherhood.

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